Change Room Sensor Batteries

Each Room Sensor work with 2 AA Lithium Batteries that can be replaced at any time.

If and when a Room Sensor battery level is less than 20% it will emit a red flash from the LED on the face.

You can also check the battery level of the Room Sensors associated with your Smart Remote at anytime.

  1. Check your Room Sensor battery level.
  2. Change your Room Sensor batteries:
    1. Remove your Room Sensor from the Velcro mount. Please make sure not to Remove the Command Strip from your wall.
    2. Twist the rear cover of the room sensor in the direction of the unlock symbol.
    3. Replace the Batteries inside. Make sure to carefully observe the positive and negative points.
    4. Close your Room Sensor by aligning the rear cover and twisting in the direction of the lock symbol.
    5. Reattach your wall sensor to the Velcro mount.

After you change the batteries of you Room Sensor you will have to reset Point Mode calibration.

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