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List of Supported Hardware by function

I'd Like to be able to lookup which HDMI switches you support, so that i can use that to influence my purchases... at the moment, i have to go through manually by each manufacturer to see if any are listed....

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  • Hi  A J  thanks for sharing this feedback. Do you confirm that your feedback is related to our compatibility page here ?

  • Actually, I was referring to the mobile app.

    However, the page you link to has that issue too, though this time it's more because there aren't that many categories, and the statement "IR Compatible" while technically true is a little misleading.... if a device isn't found, while I can program individual custom buttons to control the machine, its a pain, e.g my Cambridge Audio amp model isn't found, (it will turn on correctly, but to turn it off I need to record a custom command.)

    What I would like is some sort of DB that lists model numbers, and a way to search via keyword, eg HDMI switch, it would also indicate which region you might find the product in (to help with using the mobile app). 

    • Joe lovick thanks for your detailed answer! Got it! I made sure to share your feedback with our UX team so they can take this into account for next improvements on adding devices via Smart Remote App. 

      Concerning your Cambridge Audio amp, could you please share the exact model number, how you added it on Smart Remote (via model number or by testing codes directly on Smart Remote) and what buttons are missing or not working as expected so I can report it?

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