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Belkin Wemo Smart Switches

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  • Hi everyone! We just released v0.72.13 that includes IFTTT Webhooks. Thanks to the new Webhooks integration you can create buttons on your Smart Remote to control your devices via IFTTT services including Wemo switches.

    Here is how to set up IFTTT Webhooks on your Smart Remote.

    Feel free to share any feedback you have about this new feature!

  • Just bought 2 of the remotes today and saw this after the fact. 1/2 my house are Wemo switches and Dimmers. Hope this happens soon. I have a 45 day return window at least so I can test it all out. I’ll buy 3 or 4 more remotes if it’s released in time. Goodbye Harmony One’s!! Finally!!

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    • JesseTron Hi Jesse, We are still working on this and hope to have a timely Integration very soon so please stay tuned.

  • I have 22 WeMo Dimmer Switches in my House. All the lights are these switches. I Originally backed this on Kickstarter back in 2016. Would love for the Wemo dinners to be interested and compatible. Thanks!!!

  • Thanks I did the webhooks integration last week and it works a treat however it is still reliant on a 3rd party and can cause latency. Just something to think of in the future as a native solution here would also be great, but the webhooks are a great solution to connect anything. (I’m also controlling my blinds 😎)

    • Michael Akkerman thanks a lot for your feedback. Sure! we still plan direct integration with Wemo Smart Switches!

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