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Logitech Harmony Hub

At this time the API associated with sending commands to the Harmony Hub is not open for development. We will continue to look into supporting the Harmony Hub but we can not offer a time when this will be supported. 

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  • Hi everyone! We just released v0.72.13 that includes IFTTT Webhooks. Thanks to the new Webhooks integration you can create buttons on your Smart Remote to control your devices via IFTTT services including Harmony and your personalized home activities.

    Here is how to set up IFTTT Webhooks on your Smart Remote.

    Feel free to share any feedback you have about this new feature!

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  • This would be a huge easy win for working with the inexpensive Logitech Hubs, they can be found at times for $58 at Walmart   

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  • Would absolutely love, love, love to have this added!!!

  • When you control your AV equipment with Harmony Hub, you should "throw away" all other remotes while the system maintains state. Controlling something via the Harmony remote and than another, disturbs the state and thus makes things impossible to use.

    While I have a Harmony Hub, the Smart Remote (which is shipped next week)  should/can not control equipment which is controlled by the Harmony. Please support this device, it also opens up a lot of other possibilities.

    Alternatively make it possible to write services where the Smart Remote can connect to, controlling my Harmony or other stuff. I have a FHEM system controlling my blinds, heating etc, opening this to Smart Remote brings that which I want.

  • If my echo can control my harmony via a akilll, there’s obviously an API you can use - perhaps you need to team with Logitech but should be doable 

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