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Radio frequency. IR is super old tech. Not having to aim it at the tv or device is where most modern remotes are advancing.

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  • Does this remote even have the ability to emit a Radio signal, to implement this request? Or, would that have to be built into a second gen device?

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    • Chris Fourmont 

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    • Kevin Ernst I feel like it doesn’t. I have a lot of my electronics in cabinets like most people so IR doesn’t work unless you get those sensors with wires on everything. 

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    • Chris Fourmont wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is based on a radio-frequency that is in the same band as the remotes you are describing (2.4 GHz). Therefore, it is quite possible that the Smart Remote Wi-Fi chip could be configured to match the LG TV (or other) smart remote requirements, via an over-the-air firmware update.

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  • I just bought a small IR repeater for this reason. 

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    • Chris Fourmont I shouldn’t have to get something like that when my free Comcast remote has radio frequency in it. Xbox and PS4 have Bluetooth which work through the cabinet. I am saying a 200 remote needs to address those concerns without the Zone sensors. I must have completely missed those in the promotional video. That shows you aiming it and it automatically changing to the device you are pointing at. Which it doesn’t. 

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      • Bolu OSevenhugs
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      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 11 mths ago
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      Kevin Ernst Hi Kevin, I assume that you are reffering to the "Point Mode" feature of the Smart Remote, this does indeed currently work, we have a detailed guide on how to make use of it here.

      We have IR support for certain devices due to the fact that we have not fully Integrated these devices to the Smart Remote, in due time most, if not all widely used devices will see full wifi and bluetooth integration for the Smart Remote.

      Thank you for your support and feedback which is always greatly appreciated.

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  • No, he's not talking about the pointing your remote thing. He really means Radio Signal. I also thought this remote had it. Without it, you really can't call it a "smart" remote. Come on, pointing for IR is so 20 years ago. All my gear is behind me so to turn on everything, I need to point at my TV and then turn around and point towards my AV gear. I have a feeling I will be returning this "not so smart" remote.

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  • I mean, my Tivo is RF and now I have to aim at it every time. I am going back in time. Very bad move I'd say.

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  • So could you please answer if RF will at all be possible?

    You haven't answered yet and this makes it or breaks it for me.


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    • Paul B. please excuse our late reply. RF won't be possible with this generation of Smart Remote since it's been built for IR, Wi-Fi and BLE devices. We'll make sure to investigate to the possibility to add to our next generation of Smart Remote. In the meantime, we do recommend to use an IR repeater to control devices that are placed behind a cabinet. 

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  • +1 Nice little remote but doesn't work for me because my Blu-ray player, Tivo and receiver are in a cabinet.  I sure hope you add RF but until then the one I just bought is going back to Best Buy.  

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