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  • Hi everyone! We just released v0.72.13 that includes Webhooks. Webhooks integration allows adding buttons that send custom HTTP requests. Here are the types of HTTP requests currently supported by Smart Remote:


    • HTTP GET 


    • HTTP PUT

    Please see how to set up Webhooks here

    We would love to get your feedback about this new feature and learn about what you are able to accomplish thanks to it! Feel free to share your DIY projects here!

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      • Herve C.
      • Herve_Campion
      • 2 mths ago
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      Anne-Sophie F.  HTTP querry finaly! Thank you for making this available. I've tested this during the last few days and here is some feedback regarding the new HTTP feature. I'd really like:

      - The have ability to rename the groupings of actions thus created: they are all called Webhooks, which is not practical nor user friendly if you want to create controls for the following objects: living room shutter, dining room shutter, ceiling light, etc.


      - To be able to create buttons with icons: today it is only text.

      - To be able to manage dimmers by communicating a dynamic parameter (e. g. %) in the HTTP request

      - to be able to manage a status feedback (ON/OFF for example)

      - to be able to retrieve data via HTTP to display data like temperatures, consumption,...

      - to have the ability to customize the layout of the screen so that it can be arranged as we wish with buttons that look more like a remote control than with a simple list of text choices

      - to be able to execute queries on the local network and not just on the cloud.

      - ...

      This would be great as a starter! Keep on enhancing the features!

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    • Herve C. thanks a lot for sharing this feedback, I made sure to share your feedback with our team so we can improve this feature. Some improvements are already in progress. I'll get back to you if we have additional questions on your request and as soon as we have news. Thanks again!

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      • morreale
      • morreale
      • 2 mths ago
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      Herve C. on local network it already works.

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  • Yes! Give me a button connected to a http request and I will move the moon, at home...

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  • Yes, we need :

    - a button connected to http request
    - a dimmer (% based) connected to http request, with a variable


    Some example :
    1. a button to open shutter -> http://local-ip/domos.php?action=openshutter
    2. a dimmer (% based) to open shutter on a % basis -> http://local-ip/domos.php?action=openshutter&forhundred=$forhundred (here forhundred is a number between 0 and 100)


    Why this is usefull ?
    1. for home automation : shutter, classic light (no wifi light like Hue), awning, heating..
    2. to control an amplifier or projector by http request, this is usefull when aim the IR receiver is not easy.


    Why not use IFTTT ?
    Of course we can do that with IFTTT (maybe, according to your integration of IFTTT), but this is less reliable and less fast.

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  • Hello,

    1. So if I understand correctly, you want a device in which you can add buttons and associate each button to a specific http request. And the request must be called when we click on the button. So it’s really like IFTTT webhooks.
    2. And in the same device or in another device, a dimmer associated to a specific http request with parameter that must be changed when the value of the dimmer change and then called.
    This matches with your request ? 

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    • Aldenis Garcia Martinez 

      Exactly. This would be awesome.

      "So it's really like IFTTT webhooks" --> Almost. In my case a HTTP request wouldn't go out to the internet but stay on my local network, which I'd prefer over IFTTT.

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    • Aldenis Garcia Martinez 


      Yes exactly ! And yes this is really like IFTTT webhooks, but much reliable since this doesnt go out of the house and work even if internet is broken.

      I know that nowadays internet connections are reliable and permanent. And I already use IFTTT webhooks in a home automation framework. But that said people do not necessarily accept not being able to open a shutter because the internet connection is cut.

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  • With HTTP requests I could control almost anything I have at home. This is a really important and basic feature, maybe the most important one for me.

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  • Http request would open the remote to our local http api.

    The nodon niu button have this option, it could be someting like this.

    Also There IS another protocol you have to make it work on the remote : the Mqtt

    Maybe like the MQTT DASH app on Android.

    It is a must have for domotic

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  • Right understood.

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  • The way it works on nui bt button's compagnon app

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      • morreale
      • morreale
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view


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  • morreale   Manuel Nauert Florian Stoffel Joakim Ramer thanks a lot for sharing all these details, it helps us study this feature to better how we could implement it. We'll get back to you as soon as we have news on this.

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  • if you can get this request working it would open up a lot of integration  that  the remote can do now like rf switches and ifttt and even other switches wemo and such also honeywell thermostat . there are endless possibilities 

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      • Bolu OSevenhugs
      • Customer Care
      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 11 mths ago
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      paul luna Definitely, we will try to make it a priority for future updates.

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  • Hope so because my remote is here, and honestly i Can only use it for my TV, all my others devices are not compatible yet... Yeelight, netatmo, Xiaomi, ...

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  • HTTP Request YES! But also HTTPS with the option to ignore certificate errors.

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    • Roman Ueberück thanks for sharing, just added it to the scope and made sure to share it with our technical team!

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  • Can WE have information of what sevenhugs is developing now? When do you plan to deliver a solution for http/s post/get???

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  • Yes, please. An update would be welcome...


    a must have feature from m’y point of View for a complete ans cloudless home automation integration with popular solutions: vera, fibaro, zipato, homeseer, domoticz, openhab, Jeedom.

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  • morreale olivier murat thanks a lot for following-up on this. We hope to be able to add this feature before the end of the year. 

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  • Great!!! It works well and nos i Can control things!!!!

    I Hope you will update it a lot! WE need to be able to make more than one action possible for one webhooks location

    Maybe play, stop, UP, down, dimmer x% and color pickup rgb

    But it IS a great start!!!!!!

    Non i will finally use the remote

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    • morreale thanks a lot, We are glad you like it! Please feel free to share here how you use it! 

      I made sure to share your feedback for additional actions possible for one webhook.

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      • morreale
      • morreale
      • 2 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F.  I use http webhooks with jeedom https api Key.

      In jeedom my stores are in rf rts (i use rf links)

      In jeedom my lights are with sonoff in mqtt.
      Now i Can point one lights or one store and do actions.


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    • morreale thanks a lot for sharing this, that will help us improve this feature! Don’t hesitate to share any additional DIY project you try with this Webhooks feature! 

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  • I have tested this out and it works really well.

    I have it sending messages to node-red in my home automation system, so now the sky is the limit for me. I don't even need IFTTT to control my devices.

    I second the call to change the names from Webhooks to something more meaningful and also the icons.

    Also, would there be any way that it could also be able to get back a status like ON/OFF or something like that so it can show the most recent value/status of what it is controlling? That would make this feature even more awesome.

    And it would be great to have the ability to customize the screen layout so you could have it laid out with buttons more like a remote control rather than just a list to select from, i guess a bit like morreale was saying above about play, etc. That way I could map the buttons/layouts to lights, speakers, shutters, fans, etc (pretty much everything)

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  • Exactly, juste liké a remote template, and a button could be an action or a aviable definie then the action with the variable in parametter.

    Juste like your hue remote dimmer

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  • For a dimmer you would juste have to specify low and Hugh level ex: 0 to 100 or maybe 0 to 255, then you would have a slicer to sent the order

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  • For rgb, a picture pickup to send Hexa value of the selected color

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  • Anne-Sophie F. said:
    We just released v0.72.13 that includes Webhooks

     Now I can finally buy a remote to start testing, though as others state in this thread I hope its flexibility and usability continue to expand - allowing custom placement, custom button imagery, bidirectional support (subscribe to events / status updates initiated by / sent from other controllers), etc.

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    • Matt Burke thanks for sharing your feedback. Sure, we'll get back to you as soon as we have news on these additional features.

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