Remote wake up issues and dead pixels

Hi Team, my remote often doesn't wake up when picked up or moved, sometimes it takes half a dozen strong taps to get it to wake or I have to shake the thing around to get it to respond, a known issue or faulty h/w perhaps ?

The other issue i've noticed is what appear to be dead pixels that have started to appear on the remote, has anyone else seen this or reported this ? 

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  • Hi Paul Scott thanks a lot for reaching out could you please share with us after how much time in sleep mode this happens? Also concerning your dead pixels, could please send a picture to support@sevenhugs.com with the Serial Number of your Smart Remote?

  • Hi... i'd say it probably happens about 40% of the time, sometimes a simple shake will wake it up, sometimes many taps, sometimes both are needed to wake it up. There are times where it won't wake up at all unless it's docked. I'll email about the pixels...

    • Paul Scott thanks for sharing these details. Does this happen when you have left it on the Charging Base for a while or just for a few minutes/hours?

    • Sevenhugs This does not happen if left on the charging base, it only occurs when not on the charging base. If i put it on the charging base it wakes straight away when removed from the base.

    • Paul Scott thanks a lot, in that case, does this happen after the remote's screen is off for a few minutes or more several hours?

    • Anne-Sophie F. Either, there seems to be little difference between a couple minutes or a couple hours...
      I have emailed details about the serial number and pics showing the dead pixels to the support address as per above

    • Paul Scott thanks a lot, I will report this to our technical team so they can fix this asap.

  • Hello, I’m having exactly the same issue as Paul Scott  regarding wake up of my remote.

  • I have the same issue. If it's off charger and asleep for a few hours it takes 4-5 seconds to force it back on. 

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