New firmware release (02/20/2020) - Enhanced entertainment features for Smart Remote


Today we are releasing a new software version with a few improvements to your music and TV/entertainment experience. Please have a look at the release notes below and enjoy the new updates. 

New Features

  • Automatic TV Scene creation: we believe TV Scenes are the best way to enjoy TV from the comfort of your couch. Have a simple entertainment setup in your home? We got you covered: if you have not added a TV Scene yet, just press the Create TV Scene button in the Smart Remote App and we’ll automatically create some that are tailored for you.

  • Sonos Line-In and TV inputs: Select the content playing from your TV or your Line-In directly on Smart Remote via your Sonos interface. TV and Line inputs are now available just next to your Sonos favourites content on Smart Remote. 

  • Sonos enhanced Dialog and Night mode: Sonos TV options enhanced Dialog and Night mode are now also available when TV content is being played. 

  • Sonos in TV Scenes: Playbar, Playbase, Beam and Amp can now be added to a TV Scene.


  • Better handling of unreachable Wi-Fi devices 

  • Connection and disconnection pop-ups and interruptions in certain apps on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, NVidia Shield and Android TV have been fixed 

  • Improved custom steps for TV Scenes: you can now edit your steps in Smart Remote App

  • White screen issue on Samsung phones with Android 10 has been fixed

Please make sure your Smart Remote and Smart Remote App are up to date. 

  • Smart Remote Firmware v0.75.16

  • iOS Smart Remote App 1.12.2

  • Android App 1.14.5

  • Room Sensor Firmware remains the same v0.16.7


  1. Update your Smart Remote app to the latest version

  2. Make sure your Smart Remote firmware has been automatically updated to v0.75.16. If you need help with this, please go here.



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  • Por ahora ninguna novedad sobre homekit, cierto?

    • José Enrique Segura Valera Hi! We are still waiting for some news from Apple on this, we'll keep you updated!

    • Anne-Sophie F. Muchísimas gracias por su respuesta!! Un saludo!!

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  • Lame update again.

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    • Ronnie Potts seriously. It’s been years now since this Kickstarter wrapped up and the remote still can’t do the single feature it advertised. 

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  • This update made connection to Apple TV much worse. Before, we have seen a pop up on each connection/disconnection but it was immediate, now we don't see pop ups but the remote is connecting to the Apple TV soooo long - it shows Connecting message for about half a minute or maybe even longer. In this process, you cannot do anything if you are in a hurry and just have to turn your tv off - you have to wait. Why?

    • Oleksiy Yudin thanks a lot for reporting this. Would you mind reaching out to us via email with the Serial Number of your Smart Remote so we can investigate this? 

    • Oleksiy Yudin could you please rather send it via email to support@sevenhugs.com? I will remove the picture here to make sure your Serial Number is not visible by everyone.

    • Anne-Sophie F. Oh sorry ))) It's sent now. 

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