New firmware release (01/20/2020) - Custom steps for TV Scenes and Android TV

Today we released a new software version with one the most requested features – Custom Steps!!! Also included in today’s release is an Android TV integration along with other small improvements and bug fixes. We hope you enjoy the new updates and please provide us with any and all feedback.

New Features

  • Custom steps: customize which commands are sent by Smart Remote when a TV Scene is activated and deactivated. Add delays to allow your device to turn on and off at the right time and in the correct order, or configure additional commands to get the most of your media experience. All from the Sevenhugs App, under the TV Scene settings.

  • Android TV: install any device running Android TV on your Smart Remote via the Wi-Fi discovery within the Sevenhugs App. You’ll also find a surprise when you try to customize your Android TV device, who’ll be the first one to find it?


  • Improved fluidity for scrolling in the carousel, especially when picking up Smart Remote after a period of inactivity

  • Wi-Fi fixes for some routers

Please make sure your Smart Remote and Smart Remote App are up to date. 

  • Smart Remote Firmware v0.74.21

  • iOS Smart Remote App 1.10.2 (available on App Store)

  • Android App 1.13.3 (available on Google Play)

  • Room Sensor Firmware remains the same v0.16.7


  1. Update your Smart Remote app to the latest version (iOS and Android)

  2. Make sure your Smart Remote firmware has been automatically updated to v0.74.21. If you need help with this, please go here.

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  • The Android app update is also still not available in Germany

    • Alexander Zukunft thanks a lot for sharing this, could you please check again now?

    • Anne-Sophie F. Hi Anne. I already wrote you an email regarding the issue

    • Alexander Zukunft sure, we'll make sure to follow-up via email!

  • There is no update for Android in Google Play. 

  • sorry just realized it's a firmware update and I have to place the remote on the charge base.

    • lakersfreak did you manage to get the update for both Android App and Smart Remote?

  • Also no update in the Apple Appstore yet 

    • FYI i did receive the firmware update on my Remote but Appstore not showing a new update

    • Bram van den Kerkhof the iOS App should be available on App Store now, thank a lot for your patience!

  • So I still have issues with devices not powering off or on. Even with delays added. I have a Vizio soundbar with IR (normally works using regular carousel power control), and an Nvidia Shield TV (previous generation.) 

    Sometimes the Shield turns on, sometimes it doesn't. My soundbar never turns on with the TV Scene command. 😕

    • Reony Tonneyck did you already try to repair your Soundbar on/off commands? Please let us know if that helps!

    • Anne-Sophie F. unfortunately no ☹️ Even when I press the Power button on the Smart Remote, on the "Make sure all your devices are powered ON." screen, the speakers don't respond. 

      BUT if I go to my Speakers carousel item, hit the icon/power it works as expected. 

      Also, there's another bug with the Smart Remote now with this update. When I swipe or TAP the Trackpad control for my TV, it moves TWO steps down/up. Now I can't get to the controls I need to on my TV. I restarted the remote also, as well as the TV. Didn't help.

    • Anne-Sophie F. can you please report these two bugs to the team? My original issue, and the second one I mentioned about the trackpad moving two steps instead of just one.

    • Reony Tonneyck did you make sure to repair the on/off buttons on your speakers interface via IR learning?

      Also concerning the trackpad, this is an issue with the latest release that we are working on fixing. In the meantime, could you please try the following steps and let us know if that helps?

      1. On Smart Remote Mobile App, Select your TV
      2. Select Customize Screen Layout
      3. Click on the Trackpad, scroll down and press "Delete button"
      4. Click on the "+" that is on the top left of the screen on Page 1
      5. Select your TV
      6. Select "Navigation"
      7. Select "Save"
      8. Select "Save" again once you are back to the UI customization screen
    • Anne-Sophie F. I'll give this a try today and follow-up, thank you! I did try the IR repair and it didn't work, but I'll double-check I did it correctly today.

    • Anne-Sophie F. I cannot find a Navigation option for my TV unfortunately, when trying to add that button back. It's a LeEco (unfortunately a company no longer in business in the USA. It's owned by Huawei)

    • Reony Tonneyck can you please share the exact model number of your LeEco TV?

    • Anne-Sophie F. LeEco X55.

      I got the scene working, but it still is kind of inconsistent with my Vizio IR soundbar. I'll keep testing, only tried a couple times so far.

    • Reony Tonneyck when trying to add the navigation pad on your TV LeEco via UI customization with you remove the trackpad and then click on the top left of the "+" buttons you should have the option to add a 3x3 navigation button. Please let us know where you are blocked. 

    • Anne-Sophie F. got it! Yes I was tapping on the center of the 3x3 area that was empty. The Navigation control is way better then the default Trackpad. Thanks!

    • Reony Tonneyck that's great news, thanks a lot for letting us know!

    • Reony Tonneyck I wanted to follow-up because we just release a new pilot software v0.74.23 with a fix for the trackpad. Could you please try to update your Smart Remote to this latest software, get the trackpad back on your Smart Remote via UI customization and let us know if the issue is solved in your side? 

    • Anne-Sophie F. yes it's fixed! Thank you.

    • Reony Tonneyck that's great news, thanks a lot for letting us know!

  • <sigh>  and of course, we're all still waiting for features you've promised are "in development" "almost ready" or "coming soon" for nearly TWO FULL YEARS now.... these are features that drove many of us to back your device, and honestly, thanks to your complete, utter, total failure to deliver even a TINY fraction of what was promised, I almost never even TOUCH your product.... it just doesn't work as I was promised it would.    In my book, you're just one notch above "The Coolest Cooler" folks at this point.....  such a disappointment.

    • dalycitymike could you please share what feature you are looking for? We would love to share an update on these.

    • Anne-Sophie F. Lets start with this image from your kickstarter campaign, where I've highlighted the non-IR device support you've ACTUALLY rolled out.   (No, you don't get "credit" for being able to duplicate a pattern of IR flashes -- tons of companies do that already, and do it well.   What I backed was a smart remote for the IoT era )


      To date, you support THREE brands of lights, TWO kinds of smart power plugs, and FOUR streaming media players.  


      You support zero home automation hubs, zero smart appliances, zero external services -- being able to send a web-hook out somewhere is your sole improvement in this arena in two years, something that should have required a junior developer somewhere around 45 minutes to code, QA, and deploy.    

      We've been promised IFTTT, Lutron, Samsung, SmartThings, Harmony, Insteon, Lyft/Uber, and Somfy for at LEAST a year ("Stay tuned" you keep saying) but none of them have materialized.  

    • Anne-Sophie F. Additionally, seems like I had this same conversation 5-6 months ago.... oh wait, I definitely did.....https://support.sevenhugs.com/t/807lpx/this-is-one-of-the-most-disappointing-products-ive-kickstarted.    Nothing has changed (with respect to the features promised)  in the intervening time, either.

    • dalycitymike we are sorry that our integrations are not going as fast as planned and we understand your frustration. I wanted to share a few info about some of these integrations to make sure you make the most of your Smart Remote:

      • Nest: We used to be compatible with Nest thermostats but as of August 31st, 2019, Google has decided to migrate the Works with Nest program over to Google Assistant Program. Google has communicated that they will create a new partner program to allow third-party devices to connect with Nest thermostats in the future but they have not communicated yet on when this will happen. We’ll make sure to share with our users any updates we receive from Google on this. In the meantime, you can use our IFTTT Webhooks integration to create buttons on Smart Remote to control your Nest thermostat via IFTTT. Here is how to set up Webhooks.
      • IFTTT: With the IFTTT Webhooks integration you can add a button for any IFTTT service, have you tried it?
      • Bose: you can currently control your Bose Bluetooth speakers via our Spotify integration. Bose speakers also controllable via infrared are available in our database. 
      • Lutron: You could control Lutron via IFTTT Webhooks, have you tried it?
      • Samsung: Samsung TVs are currently controllable via IR on Smart Remote.
      • Smartthings: You can also control Smartthings via IFTTT Webhooks.
      • Harmony: You can control Harmony via IFTTT Webhooks.
      • Pioneer, Dish Network, Denon, Xbox, Philips, Yamaha, Directv, Sony, B&O, Harman/Kardon, Vizio, TCL devices are all controllable via infrared.

      I hope this helps!

      • Frank
      • frank325
      • 3 yrs ago
      • 2
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F.   I think you're missing the point that dalycitymike  was making. He wasn't looking for long drawn-out workarounds for what was promised when we backed this product, or excuses like it's "Google's fault". You seem to be focusing on the narrow picture of what you can make excuses for, instead of admitting to the issue and doing something to change it going forward. Like me, dalycitymike  was looking for this "smart" remote to do what was promised that it would do, "smart"home functions, not just point at an infrared device because nothing else that was promised with that device is working "yet".

      I think I speak for most if not all of us when I say I purchased this product to control my smart home devices. Not to be an incredibly expensive universal remote for infrared devices. And Mike even made an excellent point saying you don't get credit for duplicating infrared flashes. Much of your reply talked about ways we can use the remote for infrared devices. we get that, but there's nothing "smart" about that. Even if something as simple as my Samsung TV has other ways to control it in order to better automate things, I don't want to have to rely on standing in front of it pointing a remote at the infrared receiver. And for the price you charge for this remote, I shouldn't have to.

      I also use Insteon and many other smart devices in my home, and I expected to be able to do a lot more with this remote based on what you promised when we backed your campaign on Kickstarter. At the rate you're going in releasing new features, it seems like it'll be the year 2030 before this remote does half of what you promised, and that's unacceptable. Saying things are "coming soon" isn't good enough when it's going at a snail's pace. The more you make your backers that made this project possible wait, to get the features that were promised and should have been delivered years ago, the more bad publicity you will get and the more the rest of the world will hear about it and not want to purchase your remote. If I owned your company here, I would take that as a friendly advice and get it in gear immediately and deliver what you promised at a much faster pace, even if that means hiring more technical staff to get it done...before big companies like Best Buy pull out and refuse to continue selling your remote because of all of the VERY legitimate complaints about it.

    • Frank We are conscious of everything you shared. We are not trying to find excuses but rather trying to make sure that everyone knows about these workarounds so they can use their Smart Remote the best way while we are working on adding more integrations to Smart Remote. We totally understand your frustration about this lack of integrations compared to what was advertised during the Kickstarter campaign and are doing our best to add more in the future.

    • Anne-Sophie F. Yeah, exactly what Frank said.    And stop putting out IFTTT as some kind of real workaround for your failure to release promised integrations.   First, IFTTT web hooks, while normally pretty responsive, FREQUENTLY may take several minutes -- or even several HOURS -- to go through.   Additionally, having a screen of generic looking buttons (none of which can be "point mode enabled") labeled things like "table light on" "table light off" "left blind open" "left blind close" "right blind open" "right blind close" etc, etc, etc.... is laughable as any kind of "solution".   Oh, and it seems like once you've added a Hue hub to your remote, there's no way to either remove it or register a new one... so that's awesome, too.   


      Contrast your utter lack of integrations with something like HomeAssistant, which can control damn near anything from any manufacturer, and runs on a raspberryPi costing $20.   No, it isn't even nearly the same thing (it's not a remote) but for heaven's sake, surely you can do better than what you've done in the last two or three years of "development".  


      I agree wholeheartedly with Frank's assessment -- get your act together, get more or better developers, and start rebuilding the trust you've lost from what WERE your most engaged and excited backers.   I really, REALLY want to love your product, but in its current form, I can't recommend it to anyone.

  • Ouch 🙄. I'm not a backer, just bought my remote and I love it. Much better than Logitechs Harmony remotes I had for years.

  • So I don't get it. Where is the advantage that I am able additional Android TV device, when IAM not able to choose them in the scene for turning on or off. I need to turn on my Xbox and the beamer, but I can only choose one of them just like before? Do I miss something?

    Makes no sense for me. Even when trying to use the new custom features to personalize the scene, I am not able to add the beamer when the Xbox is selected as content source

    • Alexander Zukunft thanks a lot for reporting this. Could you please share how you added your Beamer?

    • Anne-Sophie F. My beamer is just a added fire TV stick. I use a Xiaomi Beamer. This model is using the same way of control as a Nvidia shield and a fire TV stick. So I plugged in my fire TV stick added it via your app and removed the fire TV stick afterwards. I went to the beamer used the "add a Bluetooth device" setting and your remote was found as a keyboard so I was able to control the beamer.

      Now we need the option to add more than one device as a source content to turn two or more device's on at the same time. It's a standard Logitech harmony feature. 

    • Alexander Zukunft have you tried adding a custom step to the TV Scene to turn on both Xbox and Beamer? If you have both devices included in the TV Scene you should be able to add any fo their commands in a TV Scene as a custom step.

    • Anne-Sophie F. That's exactly the problem here. You can't add both devices as a content source. Since I have to choose my receiver for volume adjustments, I also can not choose any any of both devices in this step. I am only able to choose one of them at all. Under custom steps I only have the devices available which I choosed for the scene

    • Alexander Zukunft have you tried adding the command needed from one of both device to other device's interface via UI customization and IR learning? This way you will be able to select this command to be added in your custom steps.

    • Anne-Sophie F. to be onest, I am not interested in this kind of workaround. I want things to be work. Adding "ghost" devices to get things done is not really a nice experience. Yes I could do it. But I had to look okay, which device is compatible with the Xbox. Even if I find a device, a Xbox has no remote to learn the commands from.

    • Alexander Zukunft I understand your point, thanks for your honesty. I made sure to share this with our team so we can modify this in the future.

  • And you still can't do something as simple as adding a generic HDMI Switch, learn the commands from the original remote and include it in the new scene custom steps. Almost makes no sense to have custom steps if you can't add any device you want. You can kluge it by adding a button to a different supported device, but it is a workaround/feature for something that should have been there from the beginning.


    This device has so much potential but lack of more direct IP control and basic functionality are definitely going to hold this back.

    • Larry Stricker thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. I made sure to share it with our team, you're right, there is a workaround for this now but adding a generic HDMI switch on Smart Remote is not available yet. We'll make sure to keep you updated on this.

  • My remote says it is up to date at 0.73.10


    ios app is up to date. 

    reset remote -no change

  • I have the same problem.  I have a tv, Xbox, sound bar, and a rocketfish input selector.  I have multiple hdmi devices that I use my rocketfish to select them.  I am not able to select both devices (Xbox and rocketfish).   I should be able to select more than a single device for my groupings.   When will the update be released to fix this limitation?   

    • Juan Moralez our team is currently looking at this limitation, we'll make sure to keep you updated on this. In the meantime, have you been able to add the commands you would like to send on the other's device interface so you can add this command in custom steps for TV Scenes?

    • Anne-Sophie F. Anne-Sophie F.  I am able to get my tv, Xbox, and sound bar set. But unfortunately I have to continue to use the original rocketfish controller to turn it on and select the correct HDMI input to use my devices. The limitations of the software prevent the selection  of two items in one category. I have multiple HDMI devices that I have to continue to use my rocketfish as my TV doe not have enough HDMI inputs to accommodate all my devices.  I am a bit frustrated that this was not a consideration to make the product flexible with various needs of the users.  

    • Juan Moralez have you tried the workaround of adding your commands via IR learning on the same device (that is already included in your TV Scene so then you can set these commands as custom steps since they will then be available in your TV Scene)?

  • Has anyone else had there customs delays disappear after a day or two?  I have to keep adding mine back in. 

    • Aaron Williams did it disappear in both App and Smart Remote or only on one? Could you please reach out to us at support@sevenhugs.com with the Serial Number of your Smart Remote so we can take a look at this?

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