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Apologies for what might be already answered questions but I did a bit of searching and reading on the site and decided I'd rather just ask instead of continuing to search. :)

I'm currently using another smart remote that I'm relatively happy with but it's going to stop receiving support and updates sometime soon so I'm currently looking around at what else is out there.

This remote looks somewhat promising (despite the lack of some basic physical buttons).

I have a few questions though.

1. Is it possible to use IR repeaters with this remote? I have a number of items that are not BT controlled that site inside of a couple of cabinets. So the IR in the remote itself will not be able to reach these items. With my current solution I have 3 separate IR emitters that do the work of handling those devices. I really need this ability to make it work.

2. How hard is it to get an IR device supported that isn't current supported? My AV Receiver is a NAD receiver and I don't see that listed on the site as a supported receiver.

3. Is there any chance of a future version with some basic physical buttons? I strongly prefer having at least Volume, Menu, Select and 4 Way Direction Pad buttons physically on a remote. It's extremely convenient to be able to do some things by touch.

4. Can anyone speak to how powerful/easy to use the automation functionality is? I can't find any reviews that go into details on this. I've got a fairly complicated setup so having activity specific "recipes" that I can easily run to switch to different things while handling the input switching, devices that need to be turned on/off, etc.... So someone can just hit a button to use the Xbox or PS4 or Apple TV are important. Especially in regard to keeping my wife happy.

Edit (Questions I forgot to ask initially):

5. I currently use Homebridge to interface with my current smart remote setup so I can trigger those aforementioned recipes and do other things via Siri/Homekit. It's incredibly convenient and I'd ideally be able to continue with that either via official Homekit support or some sort of Homebridge plugin. Is that in the book in either manner?

Thanks a ton.

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  • Jamie Poitra thanks a lot for taking the time to ask all these questions. I'm happy to answer them and I'll let our community complete my answers with their own thoughts:

    1. Sevenhugs Smart Remote definitely works with IR repeater. The Smart Remote doesn't include an IR blaster so we strongly recommend our customer who have their devices behind a cabinet to use IR repeaters.

    2. Your NAD AV Receiver is compatible with Smart Remote via IR. Anyway if ever you have other devices not compatible, you will be able to teach their commands to Smart Remote via IR learning .

    3. Sevenhugs team is already working on improving Smart Remote for the next generation, but nothing fixed for now on whether we would add buttons or just keep full touch screen remote. 

    4. You can definitely create Scenes with Smart Remote that could, for example, turn on your TV, AV Receiver, Apple TV and switch to the right inputs while turning off the lights for watching a movie, all in one touch. 

    5. We are not integrated yet with Homekit but have started it and availability should be coming in the next months.

    Let us know if you have any additional question!

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    • Anne-Sophie F. Thanks for the quick reply.  

      Is there an IR blaster you can recommend that is known to work well? I imagine you have to pointed at this solution in order for it to work? So no way to say turn on the TV via the remote when not in the same room?

    • Jamie Poitra here is the one we usually recommend!

    • Anne-Sophie F. Thanks.

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  • In smart remote 2 I'd add physical rockers on the edge of the remote, but keep the screen and make the screen and remote a tad bit larger. Allow us to change the graphics for the category and component designators. 

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