Been messing around with this thing. You must learn how to use it properly. The learning and button editing is brilliant.

I bought this remote used on eBay to replace the 7 different remotes I use now. I have a dedicated Atmos theater, a game room, and a living room. To say I have remote overload is an understatement. 

I took some time to learn how to properly use the remote and the phone app. Once you come to grips with the nuances of how to actually program any feature and edit buttons you'll find out the true power of this remote. 

I have programmed my Sony TV, Denon Receiver, Yamaha Receiver, Fire TV, Xbox, PS4, Epson Projector, and Cable box. Took my about an hour to get all these devices fully programed into the device.   For any functions not loaded I used the learning function. This is fucking brilliant. 

You can then assign a sort of macro so several components can be turned on at once. Once on all it takes is a swipe of your finger to select which you want to control. You don't have to directly point at the device either. You can actually have the remote vertical so you can see the screen since the IR blaster extends to the bottom of the remote. Good design. 

I literally put every single remote into the ottoman. I honestly have to attribute many of the negative posts to user error and not realizing that you can literally program/edit/name every single button you need on every remote you own. 

I can't speak about the battery issues since I have only had it the days, so I'll update on that later. But so far this is the best tech thing I've bought in a long long time. 

TLDR: Learn to use your devices properly. Can't wait for the software update that makes the IR Learning function permanent instead of BETA. 

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  • Forgot, I have not setup the motion pucks. I don't need them. It's a cool idea but overkill IMO. With a finger swipe I get to the remote I need. We love this thing. For what I paid it's a steal. My Harmony was more complicated, cumbersome, ugly. 

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    • Wil Tosado Thank you for the long and detailed feedback post, we are very satisfied to learn that you are enjoying your Smart Remote. Indeed much of what you mentioned is very true regarding IR learning so I hope other users would find this post beneficial also.

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  • Can I ask for some more details regarding PS4? How have you integrated it with the remote?

    • Mike Morgan This is still under integration, we hope to be fully functioning with the PS4 by the end of this year.

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    • Bolu O awesome news!!

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