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Samsung SmartThings Hub

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  • I currently have everything in my house connected to my SmartThings hub, so prioritizing this integration will allow many customers to be able to quickly connect to a lot of missing devices, including lights, speakers, TVs, locks, thermostats, Apple HomeKit, etc.

    SmartThings integration should be your top priority

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  • Same here. I have a house full of hue light bulbs and alexa devices and also unusual and less see known devices some with publicly developed open source integrations, some country specific products or version of products. My central common gateway to almost every gadget I own is my Samsung Smartthings hub so If you intergrate to Smarthings you'll have integrated to a tonne of quirky less see known devices as a result. You will have added a tonne of value to Seven hugs remote for me and many other potential and current customers. Thus has to be a High priority. 

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  • Agreed,  you can get alot more bang for your buck by integrating smart things.  SmartThings can also use the devices it pulls from Harmony, WeMo outlets, etc.  

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  • I agree!!

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  • Ditto!

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  • I haven't bought the remote yet (hoping to get remote for Christmas) as most of my house is on Smartthings even though there is a lot i  can use it for now. looks to good to be true but all reviews look awesome.

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    • John Pawley it's a neat remote and I've got it working with Apple TV, all my IR equipment and Hue light bulbs but I've not really spent much time configuring it yet. I'll put them😊time in once Fire TV and Samsung Smarthings are available. Then it suddenly becomes something the wife doesn't think I shouldn't have bought! 😁

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    • Bill Simmons exactly.  

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  • Hope it happens soon. The main reason for getting the sevenhugs was to be able to control all my diveces quickly in a remote. My iPhone does have the ability to control it all but I have to keep changing apps.

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    • Same here. The unique user interface of pointing and then controlling, means any guest could control my heating, lighting and other gadgets. SmartThings integration would complete the whole reason I invested in Seven Hugs' product. 

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  • Thank you and we appreciate all the suggestions, our team is working on this and we hope to have it ready very soon. Thank you for your patience.

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  • You would think, they would have this done first. But at this point,  I would be happy with anything other than my infrared and nest lol. I'm pretty disappointed in this purchase,  every reason I bought this, I cant even use it for. I'm waiting to do a public review on it so they can at least have some integration.  If I did it now, no one would buy it 😂 

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      John Brackney Hi John, please rest assured that everything that was promised to come with the Smart Remote will unfailingly arrive, it may just take some time. Our dev team works round the clock doing various testing for future integrations so please stay tuned, we have some great releases planned for Q1 2019 !

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    • Bolu O do hope there are some integration announcements soon. I've been fairly disappointed as well at lack of integration frequency or open developer kit to write our own. This device's kickstarter announcement was advertised on smartthings forums years ago so continued lack of integration continues to make  the remote rather underwhelming. 

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    • Scott Alexander Definitely, we will soon have some new announcements (also concerning SmartThings Integration) very soon. It has indeed taken us quite some time to iron out all the kinks in order to ensure that it will work as intended but we are still on track.

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    • It is good to hear that announcements are coming soon. Integration with Smart Things is a must. 

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  • Need control for Samsung Q8F tv

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  • Wrong thread

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    • Bill Simmons My Q8F controls via Alexa through the SmartThings integration, and the remote is not IR so right now the Sevenhugs can't control it, nor does it see it.  I don't think it's the wrong thread.

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