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  • With the lack of smart home devices at launch, IFTTT would help with triggers and sudo control of devices. It would be a large mistake to not have this in any version of the customer facing software. 

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    • Graham Gieseker Would you mind sharing a bit more about some of the more specific integrations you would like to create using IFTTT?

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    • Frank hi Frank!

      in order to support IFTTT SevenHugs would need to support triggers and internet connectivity.  I could see a scenario where when I select an activity, let’s say “Movie Time” and the correct AV components turn on and a trigger is sent to IFTTT to dim the lights and lower the shades of device/protocol SevenHugs does not directly support. 

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    • Frank the integration of IFTTT would be mainly used to make http requests pending the implementation of direct queries locally.

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  • I'd also really like to see IFTTT support. You don't have my home automation system (iControl Piper) on your list, but if you support IFTTT, it would be an easy bridge to control that and other systems. Adding a button on the remote to trigger any IFTTT action would be nice.

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    • Andrew Richardson We are definitely looking to have IFTTT as one of the first services Smart Remote supports for these exact reasons. We hope to have updates soon when they become available. 

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  • I would like to add another strong vote for IFTTT. As an early tester, I'm finding that I can't use my smart remote for much in the way of testing without IFTTT. Adding IFTTT support, however, would allow me to use all of my Homeseer, Z-Wave, and Insteon devices which would all go through Homeseer which is connected to IFTTT. And that's just the start. But I do try to link everything in through my main hub which is my Homeseer system. I also try to limit external connections to just go through that connection for security purposes. So IFTTT is key for me as I don't connect to many cloud services. So anything you can do to speed up the launch of support for IFTTT would be very much appreciated! ;)

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  • I just got the remote and am very dissapointed, that IFTTT is not available. Most of the automation in my home runs trough IFTTT....

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    • Michel Broggi this is true. IFTTT isn't available yet. I totally understand how frustrating it can be for you. It should be released during the first quarter of 2019, though.

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  • Hello any news about getting IFTTT on this remote control ??

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      • JL Picard
      • jl_Picard
      • 3 wk ago
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      Anthony DONNE should be released during Q1 2019 according to Greg S . 33 days left... tic toc tic toc...

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    • Anthony DONNE Indeed we are still working round the clock for a timely integration, rest assured it will be live very soon. Thank you for your patience.

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