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Nest Smart Thermostats

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  • Hi everyone!

    Most of you may have seen our latest communication concerning our Nest integration or recent announcements from Google about the end of Works with Nest Program.

    What does that mean for your Smart Remote integration with Nest?

    • Existing users who have added their Nest thermostat to their Smart Remote before August 31st will be able to continue using it by keeping their Nest account. However Smart Remote won't have access to new features that will be available with the Google Account.

    • All new users of Smart Remote starting August 31st will not be able to add new Nest thermostats to their Smart Remote (Nest will not accept new connections).

    How to continue controlling Nest with Smart Remote?

    • Existing users: to continue using Smart Remote to control your Nest thermostat and enjoy Smart Remote’s unified experience, we recommend that you do not migrate to a Google account. Important note: Nest will not accept new connections even though you keep your Nest account. In other words, erasing your App, doing a factory reset or deleting your Nest from the Smart Remote App will prevent you from adding it again.
    • New users: you can use our IFTTT Webhooks integration to create buttons on your Smart Remote to control your Nest thermostat via IFTTT. Here is how to set up Webhooks. 

    Google has communicated that they will create a new partner program to allow third party devices to connect with Nest thermostats in the future but they have not communicated yet on when this will happen. We’ll make sure to share with our users any updates we receive from Google on this.

    More information about the changes to Nest can be found on Google’s FAQ page.

  • Wasn’t this on the original compatibility list? Why isn’t it available? 

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  • It shows on so many adverts near logo

  • Stay tuned!?  Your video In The sales pitch says it was already comparable. Watch YouTube you put it out!? False advertisement???   I like the remote so far but that kinda Makes me mad!

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  • The nest thermostat was one of the reasons I bought this. 

  • I also bought it as the Nest thermostat was supposed to be compatible! 

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  • I too upgraded to Nest Products , and funded your project for piece of mind . Now I have look for different innovations compatible for all brands .

  • Hi  Dean Little , Murray mcwilliam and  Vineet Nangia ,
    Thank you for sharing your feedback.
    We understand it's frustrating to you to not be able to control your Nest with Smart Remote at the moment, but be sure our team works hard to release this integration as soon as possible. We are currently testing this integration internally, and we hope to launch it soon.
    We really look forward to delivering this integration to you and hearing your feedback.
    Thank you for your patience, and please, stay tuned.

    • Alex T I understand you think it's "frustrating" for us and that you guys are aware, but take THIS back to your team...It's misleading when you include some form of thermostat control photo on your site and when researching your product and it's compatibility, Nest seems to come up often. I get there is some "creative license" when using artwork to promote what your company's goals are, but understand that as consumers, we are searching high and low for products to advance our lives and when you show stuff like that, we will purchase products that may seem to have what we are looking for. We may be intelligent, but we are also easily confused by the amount of work that goes into purchasing our equipment. This is OUR frustration. It's not easy in today's tech space to find what you are looking for sometimes and having ANY form of misleading information on a tech company's site can be frustrating. I'm glad you are in BETA at this point, but Sevenhugs should really look into removing any info that may confuse its potential and current clientele. Thank you for your time and for also creating a more user friendly product than your competitors.

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    • William Thompson Ditto!

  • William Thompson Jeremy Ginsberg We do indeed understand your point of view, we just want you to know that Nest is one of the features of our Smart Remote that has been undergoing testing for a very long time (same for Apple and FireTV) thus if we did advertise it prematurely it is because we had hoped to have released the integration at an earlier date, however being a tech company like we are, I'm sure you can understand that we are subject to certain unforseen delays due to circumstances beyond our control. We do apologize if anyone has felt misled in anyway by the delay in releasing this feature however I would just like you to know that Nest integration is now live and is fully compatible with our Smart Remote. 

    We thank you all for your continued patience and support.

  • Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you a good news: we now support Nest Thermostats! Thank you for your patience and let us know what you think about this integration!

    • Sevenhugs sadly this doesn’t work for people in Europe, so not exactly ‘fully compliant’

  • Yes wow it is 

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  • I can't seem to get this working. My phone, Nest and remote are all on the same networks, but when i do the scan wifi network if finds nothing. 

    • Hi Dustin Cushman ,
      You won't be able to find your Nest by scanning your network. To add it, you need to tap on the Nest button below the "Scan my network" button.
      Let me know if that solved your issue. We look forward to getting your feedback!

    • Alex T I don’t have a nest button showing

    • Dustin Cushman Richard Norris
      Please make sure your app is up to date. If it is, please try deleting the app and reinstalling it, you will be able to recover all your configuration. Let me know if the bug persists.

    • Alex T tried all that. The only way I got it to work is remove the app and start again

    • Alex T I had to remove the home and re-add the controller then it worked. 

    • Richard Norris I found you can also remove the "Home" and just add the controller again. Then it appeared. 

  • Hi

    The nest thermostat is working on my remote now but it takes a long time (about 15s) to apply changes to temperature to the thermostat.

    additionally, there is quite a lag on the remote to show new temperature if i adjust the setting on the nest.

    will this improve or is there anything i can do to reduce the lag?



    • Hi David Sokal ,
      This delay you experience is due to the way Nest servers communicates data, it looks for any change every 15 sec or so. Unfortunately, this is out of our control at this time. You probably experience this delay also when you turn on your heating system: you turn it on with Nest, but it really starts a few seconds later.

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