My TV Scene does not power on/off devices as expected

If you have created a TV Scene but the devices you have added in your TV Scene are not powering on/off as expected, here are three things that can help:

  1. You may want to check your HDMI CEC settings on those devices. In the case you have HDMI CEC activated on the devices you added in your TV Scenes, creating an TV Scene with Smart Remote will add redundancy of on and off commands to HDMI CEC. Smart Remote will power on and off each device individually in addition to your HDMI CEC doing it as well. This will result in an inconsistent power or input switch while turning on or off your TV Scenes. In that case, please just make sure to deactivate HDMI CEC for these devices to let Smart Remote handle the power on/off of your devices. Depending on the manufacturer the HDMI CEC settings may have different names,  please look for a setting that ends in "Link" or "Sync." Here are some examples:
    • LG: SimpLink
    • Philips: EasyLink
    • Samsung: Anynet+
    • Sharp: Aquos Link
    • Sony: BRAVIA Sync
  2. Some of your devices take longer than others to turn on. You may then want to add more delay between the commands that are sent within the TV Scene. Here is how to add delays to a TV Scene. 
  3. If this doesn't help, please contact us at support@sevenhugs.com. Waiting for a fix, you can try to repair it on your side following these steps :

    1. On Smart Remote app: 

      1. Go to the "Devices & Services" screen, 

      2. Select the category of your device

      3. Select your device

      4. Select "Customize screen layout" and then "Get started" 

      5. Then click on a "+" icon on the interface 

      6. Select "Button (1x1)" 

      7. Select your device

      8. Search for "On" control

      9. Click on the "On" added button 

      10. Toggle "Use infrared learning" 

      11. Click on "Done" 

      12. Click "Save" 

    2. On your Smart Remote: 

      1. Go to your device interface

      2. Click on the new orange button ("On") 

      3. Follow IR learning procedure to record the action "On" with your device original remote. 

      4. After that, your "On" command should be fully functional in your TV Scene. If the "off" action does not work as well, please follow the same process. 

      5. After testing your On and Off commands are working well within your TV Scenes, you can remove the "On" or "Off" button from your device layout, it will not affect your reparation of this command for the TV Scene. To do so, use the "Customize screen layout" feature in Smart Remote app, select the button and just click "Remove Button" and "Save"

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