New firmware release (11/02/2018) - AV Scene improvements

Hi everyone,

We're excited to share this new software release with you. Please check out the release notes below:

  • Smart Remote Firmware v0.64.2
  • Smart Remote App v1.1.4 (now available on App Store)
  • Room Sensors Firmware remains the same v0.16.7

A new beta feature for Android users is coming next week that will allow you to customize the layout of any control screen.

New features


  • New icons available for AV Scenes, Home Scenes and Groups 
  • Infrared and Wi-Fi commands are now sent quicker
  • Infrared commands are now sent continuously to avoid long press delay
  • Screen fluidity improvements

Bug fixes 

  • IR learning saving issues fixed
  • Device error retry button issues fixed
  • Wi-Fi driver issues fixed
  • IP stack fixed

iOS release note content for App Store

  • New icons available for AV Scenes and Home Scenes

  • Minor fixes and improvements

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  • Hi, thanks for sharing the firmware release.
    Since this last update I'm unable to set AV scene as location in home. (long press > no action).
    Even the programmed AV scene is not visible in carousel order. (only far left in AV scenes)

    Is this known? 

    • Hi Wout Martens ,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Regarding AV Scene location, this is a known issue, you will be able to locate again your AV Scenes with an upcoming software update.
      With the new AV Scenes list, all your AV Scenes are listed on one screen, so they are hidden from the carousel, which is much more convenient if you have a lot of Devices and Scenes. When you activate an AV Scene from the list, it opens your Scene in the carousel so you can control it as you did before. 
      Let us know what you think of the AV Scenes list!

  • Hi Alex

    Thanks for the confirmation of not being able to locate AV scene in current release.
    New AV-scene list is nice but personally not a real advantage for me as user (don't see the added value in having horizontal or vertical list swipe) 
    As an user I'm more interested in being able to re-configure / re-map AV-scene buttons directly on remote without needing to open the smart remote app (smartphone/tablet) to reconfigure. 

    Looking forward to the new updates.
    If needing more information, drop me a message - happy to help.

  • Hi Sevenhugs team, 

    Thanks for the update of Android app, I like the customisation of AV scene! 

    All my control for a scene on one screen. Good job! 

    • Pascal D thanks for your feedback! Don't hesitate to share any improvement you could see on this feature or all other features!

  • hello just a quick question about home scene. How i can create a scene with this both action :

    - ON (Plugs)


    - ON (Samsung TV)

    (because my tv is on a "TP link plug")

    i have the two actions on remote but Home scene said i don't use TV ?? why ?

    thx !

    • Cyrille Clédière please excuse our late reply. Have you tried creating a Home Scene for turning on your plugs and including this Home Scene into an AV Scene that turns on your TV?

  • Hi Sevenhugs, when can we expect a new build?

  • No news ?

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