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Learning function and builder-App

For us people having old / outdated IR controlled devices or devices from companies that disappeared from the market it would be great to have a LEARNING function. Just place your old IR remote so that the IR emitters face each other, select a button on the sevenhugs remote and then press the corresponding one on your old remote to save it to the sevenhugs remote.

To assemble your own interface there could be an App / Website / PC/Mac software where you can drag and drop buttons & sliders to the virtual remote screen.


Just imagine this:

You bought an air conditioner that is IR controlled from a company that just lived for one year (maybe it was a kickstarter project and they weren't able to handle the finances)

1. you head to the remote interface builder - App and add some controls:

   -> a crosshair circle for temperature on up & down and fan speed on left & right

   -> a switch for mode change (cool / heat / fan)

   -> a button for on & off.

2. you label the controls ( circle up: hotter / circle down: colder / circle left: Fan - / circle right: Fan +) and so on...

3. you send the new interface to your sevenhugs remote and select it

4. you enter the "learn" mode.

5. you place the remotes face to face and push a button on the sevenhugs new interface. A "waiting for IR signal"-screen appears. Now you press the corresponding button on your old IR remote.

6. sevenhugs says "signal learned" and you continue with the next button and so on.

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