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I can connect my remote to WiFi and I can connect it to the app (provides code and says app is connected) then when it starts to download experience and stops and says oooops something went wrong. I have tried from both iOS and Android I have also done a factory reset ... any thoughts? anyone else seen this?

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  • Hello,
    Thank you for raising the connectivity issues with error message « Oops, something went wrong... ». Our  team is currently at work to identify the source of the problem.
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team, also available to help with troubleshooting.
    Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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      • Bob Boule
      • Bob_Boule
      • 2 mths ago
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      Sevenhugs Any word or initial thoughts from the team on this?  Just thought I would poke my head in and check :) thanks for the help!!

  • I am having the same issue.  Just bought the remote.  Updated before use.  tried from iPhone, iPad and an Android tablet. 

  • I am hoping someone from the company support sees this thread... I did every I can think of

  • Me too.  I also emailed support.  I will give it a day and if it cant be fixed it will go back to BestBuy.  Bit concerned if this is a dead product.  As other has posted. 

  • Same problem here. Received it in the mail today.

  • As an update I heard from the support group and provided them with the requested info I will keep this thread updates once I hear back with a solution!!!

  • Same problem here. Brand new remote, first time installation - went through the hard reset and all the recommended first time installation steps. Tried running the App on different devices. No luck. Still get the Oops message and not much can do after this point. Need help!

  • So Support did reply but wanted a screen shoot of and the serial number.  I told them that I already packaged it back up and that I didn't want to reopen it unless they had ideas on a fix.  I mentioned that others are having the same issue.  If they don't have a quick fix that I will just return it.  Kinda ridicules that they wanted a screen shoot.  Not a lot of work but more then I should have to do to get an answer.  Still waiting for a reply. 

  • Same problem here. New remote control. Initial setup. After entering the code to connect the app to the remote, the screen shows: Connection secured! The next screen "Loading you experience..." aborts with the message " Oops, something went wrong.... Client timed out. Error code 2063523" I reset everything, checked different WiFi networks and routers, but no chance to complete the setup.

  • I have this problem, too.  I have three of them and all 3 have the same problem.  I have contacted support, and other than support's initial request for the serial numbers and screens shots of the errors, which I provided, I have not heard back from them.

  • Exact same problem here as well.  I'd expect a quick answer from tech support or I'll be returning to Best Buy and go back to Logitech!

  • So no time frame on a fix nor explanation on what happened.  Was there just an update that caused this.  .  Poor customer service.  So i will be returning it to bestbuy.  So sad.....

  • I’m really trying to give sevenhugs a chance but the lack of replies to support questions is pushing me to Logitech.  Disrespectful

  • Customer Service got back to me today and this is now fixed.  I just got mine to work.

  • Im still taking it back.  For a few reasons.  I see that there was no update to the unit nor the app, so that tells me that the app must connect to there servers in order to make changes to your remote.  So when they shut down there servers you will no longer be able to make changes.  At some point that will happen.  Also disappointed in the amount of IP control of devices.   All my equipment is behind a wall.  So I will have to find a different remote. 

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