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Hi There,

Just received my remote yesterday...very nice.


Just some questions and requests

1) I have added my sonos beam to the remote. The widget works well. When i add my beam to a tv scene as the sound source i create the buttons for volume up and down accordingly. However when you change the volume using the remote within a scene, the increments are very large and it takes  2 to 3 taps to go from no sound to too loud.  Within the default sonos widget (the one with the long vertical slider) it seems to work fine. Can we have smaller volume increments for sonos in a customized scene?

2) The home scenes or tv scenes don't seem to be on the list of carousel items....it would be good to change the order of these.

3) Would it be possible to add a volume button widget that's 1 x 3? The current 3 x 3 with channels is the only one that shows vol in between the buttons 

4) Is it possible to add a tv scene button within a custom remote? Be nice to directly switch between scenes rather than having to swipe back?

5) Is it possible to make one larger button  like 2 x 2 ?


Many thanks

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  • Hi Justin thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here!

    1) Could you please share your Smart Remote's Serial Number with us at support@sevenhugs.com so we can take a look at this? Also, have you tried replacing these volume buttons by IR learned buttons from your Sonos' remote control?

    2) Home Scenes and TV Scenes are by default the first two items in the carrousel and you can't modify this indeed. I made sure to share this with our team for future improvement to the UX.

    3) Have you tried adding volume buttons each as just 1x1 buttons? You should be able to select volume up and downs button in the list of buttons available for your device in App

    4) This is nos possible yet but I'll make sure to share this with our team.

    5) This is not possible yet either.

    I hope this helps!

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