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Definition of "first page" to jump to at the end of an A/V Scene sequence (e.g. show Apple TV on remote after powering on all equipment)

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  • Hi  Thomas Wildi , thank you for your request!
    If I understand correctly, when activating an AV scene, you would like to be able to be on another page than the first one?

  • Yes correct.  The more flexibility, the better.  If I think of it, one should not only have the ability to choose any page to jump to at the end of an AV scene, but also an ability to execute any "button" from any page (or sequence of buttons from multiple pages).  Why?  This really depends on how far you want to take this.  I may use a device in different ways.  I may use my AV amp to either watch something, or to listen to internet radio or play music from a media player (e.g. synology or plex server).  I saw a number of ideas (the idea to switch all on or off... the idea to adjust delays...) that could be solved by allowing either individual buttons or sequences of buttons to be defined (like macros).  If you allow this level of granularity, you solve many problems at once.  For example, I could define a sequence of buttons that need to be executed for me to switch from one play mode to another - from watching Apple TV to watching Swisscom TV or amazon prime, or to watching netflix on an apple tv or samsung tv, both of which require me to execute additional (but always the same) sequences of buttons.  I could then label these new buttons as something that the whole family can understand and use.  How can I easily achieve this?

    In my experience, things never work perfectly.  Occasionally one device does not switch correctly or does not turn on immediately etc.  Some devices require input delays as they will not accept any "commands" for 5 seconds after being switching on (hence the delay request).  In these cases, being able to define a button on the remote that executes a number of remote control sequences (i.e. buttons from different pages potentially with a short delay in between) can effectively solve the problem.

    This lack of flexibility is exactly why I could never live with a harmony (believe me I tried...), and why I keep going back to a pronto.  The sevenhugs remote is actually a fantastic starting point.  Adding these capabilities will open doors and I believe literally blow the competition away.

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    • Hi Thomas Wildi ,
      Thanks a lot for sharing this detailed feedback, it's really helpful to understand your use case. Improving the AV Scenes feature to support more complex setups and enable such behavior is planned in our roadmap, it's definitely something we need to do to improve your experience. I'll share your feedback with the design team so they have it in mind when improving the AV Scenes feature.
      Also, I recommend you to vote for this feature request and to follow the topic so you will be notified when we improve this feature.

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