Commands are missing or not working as expected for my IR device

Please keep in mind that Smart Remote allows two different ways to add your infrared (IR) device:

  • Option 1: “Enter model number.”  This is the best way to add your IR devices and will give the fullest range of controls for this device. Once you’ve entered the model number of your device and selected it, your device will appear on Smart Remote.
  • Option 2: “Continue on Smart Remote.”  This method allows you to use Smart Remote to test different IR codes with your device to confirm which device you own and which IR code set will let you control it. Follow the instructions on Smart Remote to test IR codes with your device.

If option 1 doesn’t give you the right interface, you can still customize your screen layout by:

  • adding additional commands available within the codeset or via IR learning
    1. Select your device
    2. Select "Customize screen layout"
    3. On the customization interface select an empty case: "+"
    4. Select "Button (1x1)
    5. Select your device name to get access to more commands available in the codeset and select the one you want to add. If the command you would like to add is not present in the codeset, you can still add it via IR learning: go back and select "Use infrared learning"
    6. Select "Save"
    7. If you have selected IR learning, please finish the IR learning process by following the steps here
  • removing controls
  • renaming controls

If these guidelines didn't help, please feel free to contact us at support@sevenhugs.com with the brand and model number of your device so we can update our database.

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