Issue connecting Sonos

Please help. I've tried everything from disconnecting all but one speaker. Doing a full reset, even a completely new setup with a new Sonos account and I still continue to get this error. The sole reason I purchases this remote was for the Sonos interaction and it has been rather disappointing. 

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  • Hi Julian Quintana we see that you are also in discussion with you via email. We'll continue helping you via this email thread and will report any solution here. 

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  • Was there any resolution to this. I also have this problem.

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    • John Bullivant do you confirm that you enter the same credentials for your Sonos as the ones you have on your Sonos App with Sonos already added to your account?

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    • Anne-Sophie F. Yes, I even removed everything and tried again after logging out of the Sonos app and logging back in with the same credentials and logging into the account via a web browser on my PC with the same credentials.

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    • John Bullivant thanks a lot, have you also tried to reset your Sonos Speaker?

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    • Anne-Sophie F. I have reset some of the speakers but not all.

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    • John Bullivant could you please try to do so and let us know if that helps? If not, I will need you to send the Serial Number of your Smart Remote to support@sevenhugs.com.

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  • John Bullivant  The solution as to connect directly via ethernet on one of the Sonos units. I tried everything that SevenHugs and Sonos told me with no luck. In the end I had the Sonos switch from using WIFi to creating it's own network... hope this helps

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    • Thanks Julian Quintana I will give it a try. I have a number of my speakers wired rather than WiFi but I don't have them using SonosNet to communicate between themselves.

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    • John Bullivant OK, I have worked out what my problem is and it is a bit disappointing.

      Even though the remote and Sonos are on the same network and the speakers can be controlled directly by other devices, this control will not work from the SevenHugs remote unless the Sonos has internet access. So my firewall was the issue.

      I usually only listen to my local library and was able to control the speakers from the Sonos app, Openhab and node-red amongst other methods, but not SevenHugs.

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    • John Bullivant The Sonos app use the local network. Our Sonos implementation uses Sonos official API, which uses internet connection. If you have a firewall, it prevents your Sonos from getting access to the internet. 

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    • Anne-Sophie F. That's basically what I said but I don't really understand why something that could be controlled locally would be implemented with a dependency on the internet.

      What this effectively means is that if my internet is down, or I want to secure my internet, the remote control in my hand, connected to my local network would be unable to control my local speakers that are on the same network because they are not connected to the internet.

      Which is why I said it was disappointing.

      One of the reasons I really love the new http/webhook support is that it gives the option of IFTTT or completely local controls. So it looks like my expensive, fantasic remote control either requires me to open my security to the internet or so far can only control my IR TV. So far that means I have paid a few hundred dollars for a replacement for my $10 IR remote as this is the only device that has native local support.

      Now with webhooks I can build by own remote controls, I just can't customise them yet into anything that looks like a remote control.

      I could probably build something better with my Android phone and one of the MQTT based apps. But I am hopeful that in future releases this may become more flexible. At which point I could just spend a large amount of time to build another interface to control my Sonos locally so I can listen to music even if the internet is not available.

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    • Hello John Bullivant ,


      I understand your disappointment concerning the Sonos implementation.


      We previously had the UPnP implementation, which does not require an internet connection for more than a year, but it was only based on reverse engineering. When Sonos announced their official API, we decided to use it since it’s more reliable and allows us to provide more features: content browsing and support group of speakers as examples.


      Unfortunately, this API requires an internet connection, it’s cloud-based.

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    • Saad Z (Sevenhugs) Thanks for the reply, I guess it just means that it will be a while yet before I can get any real use out of the SevenHugs remote

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