New firmware release (10/29/2019) - Webhooks in Home Scenes, Roku Keyboard, and more!


Today we released new firmware with improvements to some of your favourite integrations and features, including Webhooks, Roku, and Kodi.


New features

  • Roku now has a full keyboard available

  • Webhooks can now be used in Home Scenes 

  • Orientation Lock is now available in Smart Remote settings, allowing you to disable the automatic keyboard when using Smart Remote in landscape mode.


  • Kodi’s default interface has been updated and the context menu is now available as a command

  • Issues with Sonos commands are now fixed

Please make sure your Smart Remote and Smart Remote App are up to date.

  • Smart Remote Firmware v0.73.10 

  • iOS Smart Remote App 1.9.6 (available on App Store)

  • Android App 1.11.2 (available on Google Play)

  • Room Sensor Firmware remains the same v0.16.7


  1. Update your Smart Remote app to the latest version (iOS and Android)

  2. Make sure your Smart Remote firmware has been automatically updated to v0.73.10. If you need help with this, please go here.



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  • the ios smart app now pops up msg to update the app with the only button linking to app store. the ios app store opens and the the new version isnt available (1.8.4 is the latest listed) and ‘open’ app is the only clickable button. we’re stuck in a loop between smart app and app store

    • Dale D thanks a lot for sharing this! Depending on your location the App may take some time to be available on the App store. Please try again in a few hours and let us know if it helps.

      • Dale D
      • Dale_D
      • 3 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F. Anne-Sophie F. 

      new update available now, sorry for the impatience 😬

    • Dale D thanks a lot for letting us know, we hope you enjoy the update!

  • How to get the full keyboard to work on the smart remote because after updating i cant seem to get it to work

    • Alexander Chastain  after the update to v0.73.10 you should have a keyboard button added on your Roku interface if it's been added via Wi-Fi.

  • I'm having some problems with this update.

    iOS and Android apps updated without any problem, however remote software doesn't want to update.

    Remote didn't update on it's own after four hours on a charging base. Looking for new software shows that there's a new one "" but forcing update ends up in one of the two ways:

    - continuous updating (left few times over the night) and nothing happens, screen says "updating software.."

    - going to normal standby status without update (in update tab you can still find that there's a newer software)

    I already tried moving it closer to router, reseting wifi settings, turning it off and on again many times and none of this helped.

    Any ideas what might be wrong and what to do next?

    • Kris thanks a lot for reporting this we are happy to help! When Smart Remote goes to continuous updating, could you please try to turn it off and back on? You may want to try this several times, please let us know if that helps.

      • Kris
      • Kris
      • 3 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F. thanks for reply, however I tried to turn it off and on again many times. I did it during update and after 'unsuccessful update'. Unfortunately none of this helped and remote still cannot update itself, it ends in one of the two scenarios I wrote before. There's no error code.

    • Kris in that case, could you please share with us the Serial Number via email at support@sevenhugs.com?

      • Kris
      • Kris
      • 3 yrs ago
      • Reported - view

      Anne-Sophie F. thanks for help via email.

      Solution which helped in my case was connecting remote to phone hotspot. It did finally download the software but on third attempt after connecting to phone hotspot and turning off and on the remote.

    • Kris that's great news, thanks a lot for your patience and for updating us!

  • Webhooks really makes this remote a true competitor to any other smart remote on the market. I’ve had my Nest Thermostat on IFTTT since the beginning so using a webhook to control it now that Works with Nesr is now obsolete is a godsend. That on top of SmartThings integration and it truly can do anything.

    • Anthony Negron thanks a lot for your feedback, we are glad that you like this new feature, and we'll make sure to improve again in the future!

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