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Would it be possible to simply have a remote manager or device organizer Sevenhugs app on the Mac AppStore?  Similar to the iOS app, however, it is much easier to type and name or drag/drop devices from a computer.  I feel like my hands get cramped trying to type and search all my devices on an iPhone or iPad. 

Better yet, it would be great to directly connect the sevenhugs remote to my MacBook USB-C to USB-C to manage or maybe even back-up setups to my computer.  Logitech had something like this for it's universal harmony remotes, however, they since then stopped support to the application due to Mac OS only supporting 64-bit applications. 

Directly connecting the remote to a Mac or PC can also allow for faster updates or saver remote restore rather than relying on a 2.4ghz WiFi or bluetooth connection.  An additional benefit of Mac/PC based setup is that I can just copy/paste passwords or logins to services much easier than entering on the tiny screen or typing say a Wifi login on the sevenhugs remote or iPhone.

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