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Hello.. I am setting up a "man cave" and want 2 tv's side by side.. So 2 part question.. If I use the same brand tv, will the remote know which tv I want to operate.. If not, if I use 2 different brands, can i control channels and whatnot simply by pointing it at the tv I want to change? Will it know the difference in the 2

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  •  Mark Donahue Smart Remote can detect devices as long as they are more than 6 feet from each other. Also, if you have the same TV, as we don't know how efficient their IR receivers are, sending a command to one may send it to the other one two if they are the same model. We would recommend to buy two different models.

  • I have had 3 TVs in my living room for quite some time now, but I just recently upgraded 2 of them to the same brand/size for a cleaner look. So I now have a Vizio as my main TV and 2 Roku TVs as my smaller ones. I chose this remote for the WiFi connectivity, with the Roku app you can control both TVs separately. Will that be possible with this smart remote? Can you add 2 of the same WiFi Roku TVs sepereatly and be able to control each separate like the Roku app? I’m hoping I can add all 3 TVs and control each through 3 different screens on the remote. Sorry to hijack your thread but this is along the same lines of my question and I don’t have my remote yet. Does anyone else have a similar setup with multiple TVs?

    • Bennett Lewis thanks a lot for sharing a detailed description of your setup. You can definitely add two different Rokus from the same Wi-Fi network on your Smart Remote and control them separately. Concerning your TVs, depending on their IR receiver and if they are the same brand and model and if you send one command to a TV it may send the same command to the second TV because of the IR line of sight. Please let us know if you have any additional question!

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    • Anne-Sophie F. I received my remote today and love it! I have a follow up question about controlling multiple TVs: can you create an AV scene to have it turn on multiple TVs? I want to make 1 scene for just turning on my Vizio TV, but I also want to make a scene that would turn on my Vizio TV & Hisense TV (which would turn on both)

    • Bennett Lewis thanks a lot for getting back to us, we are glad that you love your Smart Remote. What you are describing is unfortunately not possible yet, but please feel free to vote for the feature about adding custom steps to AV Scenes here so you get updated once we implement it.

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    • Bennett Lewis custom steps for TV Scenes are now available. This new feature allows you to customize which commands are sent by Smart Remote when a TV Scene is activated and deactivated. Add delays to allow your device to turn on and off at the right time and in the correct order, or configure additional commands to get the most of your media experience. All from the Sevenhugs App, under the TV Scene settings. Please check our latest release notes for v0.74.21 here and how to add custom steps to a TV Scene here

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