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LG Smart TVs — Wi-Fi control

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  • To use mouse remote.
    If it is possible to use the Smart Remote's gyroscope to move mouse it's even better.

  • This is taking to long, my remote is useless without magic remote function. It does everything for my LG Oled

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  • I request this also

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  • It does not replace the tv remote without the on-screen pointer functionality.

    • David Katzman 

      yep, this is taking way to long🤷🏻♂️

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    • Bruce De Swaan The Enter/OK button doesn’t even work yet for my LG. That supposedly is a high priority fix according to customer service. The on screen pointer is not even in the queue yet, we have to get enough up votes here to get them started on it from what I understand. 

    • David Katzman i know, but you can put manualy your tv code in it. Like: 55e6v and then it does work. But the pointer is the big set back in all this. Sevenhugs is letting us down big time

    • Bruce De Swaan I agree with you...but where do I manually enter the code? My Lg TV also kept trying to recognize (and failing) the sevenhugs as a "Magic Remote"

    • David Katzman select tv infrared install, LG enter that. And you can see the text in the picture ‘enter manual’

    • Bruce De Swaan I'm 95% sure that's how I did enter it... And the enter/OK Button still doesn't work. I have an OLED55B6P model. Customer support said it's a high priority fix they are working on. Should I remove and try to re-add it?

      • Bolu OSevenhugs
      • Customer Care
      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
      • 2 yrs ago
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      David Katzman Hi David, for your specific model perhaps the method from Bruce may not work, however with regards to pointer, this is indeed a high priority fix for our team and we hope to implement this very shortly in one our future updates, thank you for your patience.

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    • Bolu O Hi Bolu. By switching my sevenhugs to select a different LG TV than the actual OLED55B6P model that I have, I WAS able to get the OK/ENTER button to work. So thank you for that suggestion. Can you update us on progress toward getting the on-screen pointer to work? It's a very very useful capability and without it, this remote is not as easy to use as the original remote. Thank you!

  • +1

    LG magic remote is faster than use Control button. 

    Like flying mouse in Android tv shield device too. 

  • Netflix, Amazon and home menu doesnt exists. 

    And ir learning doesnt works with magic remote. 

    I try to use my harmony ultimate but same thing ir learning doesnt works. 

    How can we add Netflix cmd. 

    This button exist since a long time in oled lg tv. 

    I have a 65c8v and manually the tv is not find... 

    Help ? Idea ? 

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    • Breugnot Ludovic 


      Find a solution... 

      Use Logitech harmony ultimate, use only remote function (no hub) 

      And ir learning is ok. 

      But if we need a Logitech to add function... 

      Same things for home and all commands missing. 

      Strange manipulation but it's works... 

    • Breugnot Ludovic Can you share the exact model of your LG TV so we make sure we add these buttons on the interface?

    • Anne-Sophie F. Per my comments above, I have the OLED55B6P but it wouldn't recognize the OK button until I changed the setting to a more basic model. The most important function we don't have is that on-screen pointer. And as I was saying above, when it was set to the correct model, OLED55B6P, the LG TV kept trying to "Find a Magic Remote" and failing to recognize the sevenhugs remote. Apparently by switching to a more basic model TV, it not longer tried to identify the sevenhugs as a "Magic Remote." 


      Whatever updates you are making...that onscreen pointer is what would make this sevenhugs to me fully live up to a universal remote. Right now, it's slower to use than the standard remote because it doesn't have the pointer function so I have to use the up and down arrows to navigate through menus.


      Thanks for your consideration of this. 

    • David Katzman thanks for getting back to me and sharing these details. We are currently investigating a way to add a trackpad to all TV interfaces, would that help to replace the pointer feature?

    • Anne-Sophie F. So, instead of pointing the remote at the screen to move the pointer, you drag your finger on the trackpad to move the pointer? If it was responsive and moved easily, with enough control that it is neither too slow nor too fast to control, then I think that would be a great solution.

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    • David Katzman thanks for your quick feedback. Yes the goal would be to have it as responsive as an Apple TV trackpad. Our team is investigating this possibility.

    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      Yes I think émulation of a track pad is the best way to implant this function. 

      I dont think the gyroscopique action of the smart remote is enough précision to do like magic remote. 

      Bye the way to the next évolution a capteur like the wii in top of the tv 'll be interesting to flying mouse function... 

    • Breugnot Ludovic Hi , could you please explain a little more what you mean by your suggestion ? Thanks

    • Bolu O 


      The lg oled with magic remote is like a wimote or a fly mouse wich use gyroscopique function. 

      The wii use a capteur in front of the tv to see wiimote. 

      So my réflexion is about the possibility of SmartRemote to use his gyroscope with the 3 sensor to be use like a flymouse ? 

      The point mode seem miss précision to locate the remote with high précision in the space. 

      So I'm not sûre flymouse is possible to implant. 

      The magic remote of lg is very hight précision. 

      But maybe the smartremote is able to be as good as the magic remote. 

      Have you seen lg webos with the remote in action ? 

      Am I clear in my explaination ? My english is not as good as I want... 

      Cordialy Ludovic 

    • Breugnot Ludovic we have been able to add Amazon, Netflix, and zoom buttons to the codeset for LG OLED55C8PUA. Here is how to add them:

      1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote.

      2. Launch the Sevenhugs Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Service tab.

      3. Select your LG TV

      4. Select "Customize screen layout"

      5. On the customization interface select an empty case: "+"

      6. Select "Button (1x1)

      7. Select your LG TV

      8. Search and select the following buttons: "Netflix", "Amazon", "Zoom"

      9. Select "Save"

      These buttons will be added to your interface. I hope this helps.

    • Anne-Sophie F. Since I have the OLED55B6P, will the OLED55C8PUA still connect to my TV? As I've posted before, 55B6P causes the remote to fail because it keeps trying to recognize it as a Smart Remote and failing every single time I try to use it. So when I switched to a more basic model LG TV, it does work. Will the 55C8PUA work for the 55B6P? 

    • David Katzman we are unable to test this at the moment, but we recommend you to give it a try, just add an additional LG OLED55C8PUA on your Smart Remote (that way you make sure not to lose your previous settings on the LG TV you added before). Let us know if that helps.

    • David Katzman we just delivered the trackpad for all AV Devices, please see the release notes here. Please let us know if that helps for the LG TV. 

    • Anne-Sophie F. Got it. I'll see if I can try it tonight. Thank you. 

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    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      Very good news, works well. 

      The update Fixed the problem with the NVIDIA shield 2015?

      Otherwise it would be nice if the IR version also have the keyboard

      But if the update fixes this on the shield 2015 it's perfect! 

      Bravo for your work, in fact I had left out the SmartRemote because of the Bluetooth bug of the shield but with this advanced it becomes my remote control again

    • Anne-Sophie F. 


      Hi Anne-Sophie,


      I have to regretfully inform you that I do not like the trackpad at all. In fact, it makes navigating WORSE not better. Before the "trackpad" there were left/right, up/down buttons and an Enter button. I didn't love them because the hit area was small-ish and my finger often mashed the wrong button. And I don't have big hands either. That issue is exacerbated by the new trackpad. I had an incredibly difficult time...near impossible...getting Netflix videos to pause then rewind or fast forward. My finger kept restarting the video instead of rewinding. The hit areas are not large enough or clear where they are. The older buttons were at least more obvious even if not easy to hit. 


      Also, the basic purpose of a trackpad is to act like a mouse on screen, Otherwise what is the point? This does not move the pointer around on the TV screen at all. All it does is the same thing the previous buttons did, go left/right or up/down. I think you've made it worse. If I can't rewind Netflix then basically I will have to stop using this remote and revert to the TVs original remote. Very disappointing.


      On the other note that I complained about, the issue with the TV searching and not recognizing the Sevenhugs as a "Smart Remote" (when I revert to the actual TV type) still exists. I tried adding the real TV model and it wouldn't work. This issue also remains. 

    • David Katzman thanks a lot for your honest feedback, I will share it with our team. If you would like to get back to the D-pad you can still do so, here is how to do it:

      1. On Smart Remote Mobile App, Select your Roku
      2. Select Customize Screen Layout
      3. Click on the Trackpad, scroll down and press "Delete button"
      4. Click on the "+" that is on the top left of the screen on Page 1
      5. Select your Roku
      6. Select "Navigation"
      7. Select "Save"
      8. Select "Save" again once you are back to the UI customization screen

      LG TVs integration via Wi-Fi is coming soon, but I can't tell you yet whether the magic pointer feature will be available or not.

    • Breugnot Ludovic Thanks for your feedback! The issue with NVidia Shield 2015 has not been fixed yet, but our team is still planning to get if fixed.

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    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      Very good news 

      Do you think one Day it's possible with lg tv and magic remote that the fly mouse works with SmartRemote ? Or it's impossible to implant. 

      Go on you do great works and dont forget colors :)) 

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    • Breugnot Ludovic 

      Sorry you have already post about fly mouse ;) 

      And the scenary of hue ? On it too ? 

    • David Katzman 

      You are on lg tv ? For me track pad is a good thing I personalize the button and all works well. 

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    • Breugnot Ludovic sure colours will be coming for sure too! We are also discussing with Hue right now to see what's feasible with them.

    • Breugnot Ludovic Yes, LG OLED55B6P...What do you customize the buttons to be? Like I was saying in my previous post. I can't even get the buttons it's supposed to be to work correctly. The middle area pauses Netflix, but then when I hit the back to rewind it doesn't really work, I keep triggering it to play instead. The touch areas seem to be too close or overlap or i have no idea what. But I just can't get forward or rewind to work easily. They work for a couple frames then just play again. The touch area is extremely finicky for me. I tried and became very frustrated. This didn't happen with the previous buttons on the sevenhugs nor with the standard TV remote. stop/rewind/fwd should be easy. 

    • David Katzman 

      OK I see 

      I'll try to see. 

      Personaly I use my shield for Netflix. But I'll try to see how it works in lg. 

    • Breugnot Ludovic 

      I try with my lg 

      With using track pad one clic pause 

      Slide left rewind with the mini story board, idem with right swipe. The navigation is fluid so i dont really see where is the issue. 

      After you can customize layout and place the pause, rewind, fast buttons with ir learning. 

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    • Breugnot Ludovic I'm afraid what you are explaining here is not clear to me. A bit confusing. You say: 

      With using track pad one clic pause  Slide left rewind with the mini story board...

      First by "one click pause" you mean tap the center of the touchpad? Then you say "slide left rewind." So is it a tap? Or is a touch and hold then slide? And then do you pause at the far left edge to keep rewinding?

      What happened to me was it kept dropping out of rewind mode and playing after only going back a few frames. Something about the process was awkward and didn't work smoothly with my fingers.

      Then you say: After you can customize layout and place the pause, rewind, fast buttons with ir learning. 

      How do you add these and where do they appear? Are they placed on the trackpad? If they are "buttons" then that doesn't make me think of dragging my finger across them just touch and hold to trigger but that didn't work on the trackpad either. 

    • David Katzman 

      Sorry im french.. 

      So yes one tap pause 

      And swipe left or right to rewind or forward. 

      See my config for the button. It's name nvidia but it's the same for my lg. 

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    • Breugnot Ludovic  Thanks for replying with details. I tried again on the trackpad. So if I'm doing it right with the standard config it's tap to pause not tap and hold then slide to rewind, that was not working at all. But tap to pause then touch and glide left to rewind but you have to keep doing it in increments to keep going back. touch swipe. touch swipe. Touch swipe and hold didn't not keep rewinding. The standard remote for LG (you and I have the same one based on the photos) does let you just hold down the rewind button to keep rewinding. So it KIND OF works but not conveniently. And it's also too easy to accident restart it. It does not work well for me, very awkward. I will try to figure out how to do the custom config you have. If the Fast back and Fast F are touch and hold to work then that would be great.


      It still won't recognize my correct TV model...that "smart remote" function won't recognize sevenhugs so I'm still using an older model for it to work at all.

  • Hi


    I'ts the oled65c8pla exactly 

    But same as oled 55c8pla 

    The button of the remote 

  • I forgot the pic.. 

  • I forgot to note the missing command... 



    Magic zoom 

    Focus (long press magic zoom) 

    And specialy.... Fly mouse but I think it's difficult to implant.. 

    Thanks for your works 

    • Breugnot Ludovic Thanks for sharing! I'll make sure to share this with our team so they can fix it.

    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      Hi there, about 5 month’s ago you told me to wait on the pointer function. Before that i waited about 2 years on the sevenhugs remote and now that i have it, it is just collecting dust. The trackpad was a option but does not work nice compared to the magic remote. I feel like i made the wrong buy with the sevenhugs remote. Is it ever gonna happen? And please be honost because if not i will try to sell it. It is just sitting on my tv furniture collecting dust😅 so please be clear for one time😉

    • Hi Bruce De Swaan, we understand your point of view on this situation. We are discussing this feature with the Sevenhugs team, and we will get back here to let us know what to expect.

    • Pierre Anzil oké and how long will this take? Or do you guys never talk to your team. I asked it a lot of times and i am sick of the waiting game. Everytime its the same answere, we will talk with our team🤷🏻‍♂️ How long can it take, is it possible team? Yeah i think so boss, or no boss dont keep you costumers waiting for nothing🙄 

    • Bruce De Swaan 

      You know the protocol of our tv lg with the remote magic has to be protected by patent so it really doesn't have to be easy to do. In addition to me the accuracy of the sensors is not enough to get what you want. Message to the developer: Is there a gyroscope in the remote control? 

      Without that I think the mouse option will be very difficult to do with this version. But let's let them work. 

      Personally I think it will take version 2 to have this option. Besides even the best Logitech does not offer this option. 

  • Bruce De Swaan, sorry for the delay but we got a response about the LG pointer function. There is no development on this feature for now. We don't know if it's possible. It's not in our priority for now so you can't expect this feature for this year. Our features roadmap can evolve base on the user's votes. Breugnot Ludovic yes there is a gyroscope inside the Smart Remote, but as I said to Bruce, our team need to look if the gyroscope is enough to integrate this feature. We think we could incorporate control of LG TV by wifi before the pointer function. 

  • Just wondering if it's supported yet the Magic remote 

    • issom beituni Hello, as for now no. However, I can put that on the future feature request. Cheers!

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