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Nvidia Shield — Bluetooth control

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  • Hi everyone! Integration with Nvidia Shield via BLE has just been added. Please check the release note here and don't hesitate to share your feedback here!

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    • Sevenhugs 


      How can i use Bluetooth to the shield ? 

      I try to scan my network but the shield doesnt appears... 

    • Breugnot Ludovic is you Shield updated to latest version 7.2, Smart Remote updated to 0.67.10 and Smart Remote up to date too?

    • Sevenhugs 

      Ooops I didnt see the new firmware. 

      I install it now ! 

    • Breugnot Ludovic let us know!

    • Sevenhugs 

      Works perfectly ! 

      Very fast 

      The pad works very smooth. 

      I think this function can be use to have fly mouse command. 

      For Control oled lg tv with like magic remote. 

      Or use like a pad when surfing on web with Android tv. 


      Great works ! 

    • Sevenhugs I tried scanning for my Shield a few days ago and it didn't find it. I'll try again and make sure I have the latest firmware.

    • Sevenhugs it showed up and I got it working! My first case using it with the app Funimation (popular anime app/site) there were some really weird issues. I didn't experience this on YouTube though. I'll continue to try other apps...

      • If I was playing an episode and switched devices on the smart remote via the carousel, it would reset my playback position to the point of where it started when I first started playing! 🤔 What's even crazier is that it would do the same thing if I just launched the Funimation app!! So for example, it would keep looping the splash screen when launching the app, if I would go to my soundbar carousel position during the splash screen of the Funimation app
      • Tapping the Select pad/button on the smart remote wouldn't trigger a select within the app

      As I said, some really weird behaviors and I'll continue to try other apps. My guess is that (hopefully) it's just an edge case with the Funimation app.

    • Reony Tonneyck  thanks a lot for sharing this, we're trying to reproduce the issue. Can you please share your Serial Number? Let us know if you see any other weird behavior.

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    • Sevenhugs no worries! Serial is 10eee148b48b260139

    • Reony Tonneyck  I wanted to share with you that the issue you are encountering with Funimation App is an app-specific behaviour that we cannot address with our current BLE implementation. Will be able to fix this as soon as our integration with Android TV is live.

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    • Anne-Sophie F. sounds good. No problem! 👍🏼

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  • Hi everyone! Good news, connection and disconnection pop-ups and interruptions in certain apps on NVidia Shield and Android TV have been fixed in our latest software release. Please check out the release notes here.

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  • Or control by Wifi like with the "shield TV" app

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  • Really looking forward to this. It's the best Android TV set top box you can get.

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  • Any workaround to get this working???

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    • Jaron Schulz  Reony Tonneyck  Do you confirm that a Nvidia Shield TV (2015) or Nvidia Shield TV (2017) and that your NVidia is on version 7.2 or later? If yes, can you try to power cycle your Smart Remote, your NVidia Shield and your Wi-Fi AP? Then please kill Smart Remote App and relaunch it and try to add it again. Let us know if that helps.

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    • Sevenhugs I'll give that a try, thanks! I am using a 2017 model with the latest OS update 🙂I'll follow-up here when I get a chance to (hopefully tonight)

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    • Sevenhugs it work very well. Thank you very much.

      I create a home scene for watching netflix and it is almost perfect - it would be great to have a double click option for power since my projector, like many of those, needs to have the power button pressed twice with a small delay to actually turn off. If you could add this, my wife and I would have all our needs met.

      Thank you anyways.

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    • Jaron Schulz wait, how do you launch Netflix with an AV scene?? (Unless I'm misunderstanding)

    • Jaron Schulz Glad it's working well for you! We have a lot of people asking for being able to add custom steps to AV Scenes, feel free to vote for it here . I'll make sure to share with our team your specific request about being able to double click!

    • Reony Tonneyck You don't - but you can have a scene that is turning differrent devices on and putting them in the right mode to e.g. watch netflix on the projector with sound coming out of the av-receiver

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    • Jaron Schulz custom steps for TV Scenes are now available. This new feature allows you to customize which commands are sent by Smart Remote when a TV Scene is activated and deactivated. Add delays to allow your device to turn on and off at the right time and in the correct order, or configure additional commands to get the most of your media experience. All from the Sevenhugs App, under the TV Scene settings. Please check our latest release notes for v0.74.21 here and how to add custom steps to a TV Scene here

    • Anne-Sophie F. It's very cool and very improvement comming 

      But I have always the same pb with mycanal. 

      I use time shift and when I touch carousel.... The video come back to the direct. 

      Do you think it's an hardware problem issue with my smart remote. 


      Today  I reset all., the nvidia the TV and the smartremote 

      I configure only shield and bug again. You want a you tube video to show you? 


    • Breugnot Ludovic thanks for sharing this. This is still a limitation on NVidia's side that we have reported to them. We are waiting for their fix on this.

    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      Ok I read we can touch delay of ms command in Bluetooth now? 



      I Think I'll give up the adventure. To much bug and with new shield remote in cec coupled with Google assistance I go the same, without screen certainly but with a good hold in hand and stability that is expected from a remote control

      Too bad I expected so much of this smart remote and it cost me so much to bring to France ... 

      Only one things are very good. It's the dialogue avec vous Anne Sophie et les other techniciens. 

      If you release a more mature version bigger and you can buy in France (you are a  French startup damned!) 

      I Try the experience again.... If Someone is interested I have a smart remote x for sale.... 

      See you

    • Breugnot Ludovic With the new feature: custom steps for TV Scenes, you can add a command and a delay within your TV Scene. 
      We are sorry that your experience with the NVidia Shield is not as expected and are still working with NVidia to solve this. We'll make sure to let you know when we have news on this. Thanks again!

    • Anne-Sophie F. 


      Ok for the scene I can touch the delay between commands. 

      But the command of the shield can't be slow down. 

      I'm at the left of the screen I touch very delicately right action and move Up to 15 tiles..... 

      The sound a few times it depends on 1 in 1 and suddenly 10 level on one time .... 

      Reactions are either too fast or too long 

      In Logitech you have on option for each Material to regulate how many ms between two touch. 

      It's that that miss. 

      But anyway timeshifting on canal play, or sfr TV,  Netflix and all video applications make the app goes to direct.... 

      Unwanted in the state

      Maybe my smart remote have a hardware problem 

    • Breugnot Ludovic I understand. Could you please try to replace the trackpad by a D-Pad at least for the directional commands and let us know if that helps?

      • On Smart Remote Mobile App, Select your NVidia
      • Select Customize Screen Layout
      • Click on the Trackpad, scroll down and press "Delete button"
      • Click on the "+" that is on the top left of the screen on Page 1
      • Select your TV
      • Select "Navigation"
      • Select "Save"
      • Select "Save" again once you are back to the UI customization screen
  • Exact I have a shield 2015 with ir but the signal is not as fast as we need to do the double clic command. 

    So Bluetooth seem's to be the solution... 

    And speed up ir :)) 

    • Breugnot Ludovic thanks for your feedback, we are definitely working on speeding up IR commands for other devices, and on adding a trackpad to all IR devices.

  • Hello,

    Anne-Sophie F. I have a similar issue as Reony Tonneyck . When I take the remote from its dock the playback is restarting from the begening on Plex, and a black screen appear on molotov.

    I have an NVIDIA Shield 2017, it is coming with my AV scene activated.

    • Sylvain Le Gac 

      I think it's the last firmware of shield 

    • Sylvain Le Gac Breugnot Ludovic could you please the version of firmware you are currently using on your NVidia Shield? 

    • Anne-Sophie F. 

      C'est bien la la 7.2.3 


      Mais de exactement 7.2.3(


      Du 12 mars 19


      Sur shield 2015 

    • Breugnot Ludovic merci beaucoup, on revient vers vous dès que possible sur le sujet!

    • Anne-Sophie F. Bonjour. J'ai la même version chez moi. Information complémentaire, c'est lors de l'utilisation du pointage automatique que cela se produit. Dès que je pointe la scène AV le bug se produit.

    • Sylvain Le Gac merci de nous avoir partagés ces détails. Notre équipe a pu reproduire ce problème dans nos bureaux, je vous avertit dès que nous avons des nouvelles sur le sujet.

  • This integration is great but I’m experiencing an issue: I added my Shield to a scene and the device turns on along with an LG TV and a Marantz amplifier.


    But, if I touch the scene icon again to shutdown all of them, the Shield remains turned on so I have to:

    1 - Temporary disable the remote pointing feature sliding down from the top of the touch screen

    2 - Slide on the right many times to find the Nvidia Shield icon

    3 - Touch the icon to turn off the Shield

    4 - Slide up to activate again the pointing feature of the remote


    I experienced this same behavior with both the latest firmware (May 2019 - the battery life optimization one) and the previous.


    Can you please check and is there something that I could try on my side? I already deleted the scene, removed the Shield from the list of devices and added it again, creating the scene from scratch a second time.


    Thank you!

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    • Hi Alessandro Mazzega, the issue you encounter with the Bluetooth control of the Nvidia Shield is a known issue. A fix will be available in a future software release.

      In the meantime, two workarounds are possible:

      1- Use the IR version of the Nvidia Shield
      2- Use the CEC function of your TV or AV receiver to shut down the Nvidia Shield automatically

      Let us know if that help.

    • Pierre Anzil thank you for the feedback.

      I’ll temporary revert to the IR version, waiting for the upcoming fix, then.

    • Alessandro Mazzega thanks for your patience! We will let you know when the fix will be live.

    • Pierre Anzil after the new update of the Shield software (8.0 and lately 8.0.1) I tried the BLE integration again but unfortunately it is still not completely functional.


      The old issue I experienced seems to be fixed (sometimes the console doesn’t turn off) but a new one is there: sometimes the console doesn’t, turn on, so the opposite as before.


      Just to clarify, I never performed a full reset of the Shield as I don’t want to erase the content of the internal memory and lose all my apps.


      Can you please investigate this new issue? I’m wondering if it’s related to the Shield software or it is something that you can fix in the remote one.


      Thank you.

    • Alessandro Mazzega thanks a lot for sharing this, could you please send your Serial Number to so we can investigate this?

    • Anne-Sophie F. thank you for the response.

      I shared the serial via email a few minutes ago.

      Looking forward to your findings.

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  • I think you cant write intégration is done still the bug with the 2015 still remain.. Any news ? 

    • Hi @Breugnot Ludovic, after your message we did some test on our previously not impacted Nvidia Shield. We realized it was affected too. We decided to factory reset the Nvidia Shield, and it resolves the issue. Can you try and let us know if it works for you? We found this issue was on Nvidia side and should appear during a software update.

  • Hi everyone! For everyone here who had issues with the control of their NVidia on Smart Remote, please try to perform a factory reset of your NVidia, the problem should be fixed then.

    • Anne-Sophie F. thanks for your feedback.


      I'll check before doing it, though, because I actually don't know what a factory reset of the Shield would imply (for example, lose installed apps or configurations).

    • Alessandro Mazzega sure, please keep us updated!

    • Anne-Sophie F. I can confirm that a factory reset of the console would remove all the installed apps, along with deleting configurations and other stuff.


      I would avoid to do that as I have tons of software installed so I'd need a lot of time to restore the current state.


      Are there other ways to fix the remote issues without actually wiping out the contents?

    • Alessandro Mazzega thanks for getting back to us. There is no other way for now, but our team is trying to get a fix for that. Thanks a lo for your patience!

    • Anne-Sophie F. Hi Sophie 

      I do a factory reset with all reinstall my app and it's take very long time... For nothing! 

      Always same bug with sfr play or canal play. The remote still cancel timeshifting of the video.. So it's a real problem and factory reset don't resolve the problem. I'm going back to my harmony until bug disappear. I'm not very happy with this version. Give us a good firmware, new fonctionality and work on a new version Bigger for ergonomics with everything that was promised. 

      Logitech will soon introduced a remote control as the smart remote and I think it will be in focus right away. 

    • Breugnot Ludovic We are sorry that a factory reset of your NVidia did not help for your issue with Smart Remote. 

      We made sure to share this with our team so they can continue to investigate this. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as we have news on this. 

    • Breugnot Ludovic this bug is still ongoing on NVidia's side for the BLE integration. We'll get back to you as soon as we have news.

  • Anne-Sophie F. said:
    Click on the "+" that is on the top left of the screen on Page 1
    Select your TV
    Select "Navigation"
    Select "Save"

     It seem a good idea but when I click on +the top of the left 

    I can't select my TV. 

    I have a lg 65c8v

    Or I don't understand 

    On first screen a delete shield trackpad

    On 2nd I touch the top left +

    And here what I get... 

    • Breugnot Ludovic 

      I think, maybe I need first to create a scene? To have the same option as you? 

    • Breugnot Ludovic you will need first to select your TV in App instead of the Shield to be able to customize its interface. Sorry if it was not clear in my earlier message.

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