Smart Remote app can not find my Smart Remote

In the event that your Smart Remote App is unable to find your Smart Remote please follow the steps below.  These steps are outlined in relation to a specific scenario so please read these thoroughly.

In any scenario, please make sure:

  • Smart Remote is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile (you may try to turn off and back on your Wi-Fi on your Mobile Phone first and try again before following the steps below)
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is working
  • Airtime Fairness is disabled on your router (Airtime fairness is a feature that boosts the overall network performance by sacrificing a little bit of network time on your slowest devices)
  • “Access Control” is deactivated on your router so it doesn't block all new device from connecting
  • If you are using a Guest Network for your IoT devices, make sure to configure your access point with the option  "Allow Guests to see each other" and be sure MobilePhone is connected to Guest Network too.

  • Make sure WMM APSD (automatic saver power detection)  (QoS) is disabled


Scenario #1

If you are trying to set up a new Smart Remote with Smart Remote app or trying to add a new Smart Remote to your existing configuration:

  1. Delete the Smart Remote App from your Smart Phone
  2.  Restart your Smart Phone
  3.  Restart your Wi-Fi Network
    • Please ensure that your network is operating at 2.4GHz and that your Smart Remote and Smart Remote App are not connected to any range extenders.
  4. Redownload the Smart Remote App
  5. Attempt to pair your Smart Remote with the Smart Remote app once again. 


Scenario #2

If your Smart Remote has already been added before, Smart Remote app may not find it again.

  1. In this case, you need to erase all of your Smart Remote configurations

If the problem persists please try to hardware reset your Smart Remote.

If this issue persists please reach out to us using the "Contact Us" form at bottom of this page. 

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