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Better Battery Life

 As cool as the Smart Remote is,  I would have much rather had a larger device with a battery that at least lasted 3-4 days.  

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  • Yes, it could be very useful.

    For instance, my remote was fully charged yesterday evening. Without using it at all, the battery was totally empty when I wanted to use it tonight. Means that the battery did not last 1 day without using it. It's really annoying to charge it all the time.

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    • Hi Benoit P ,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback. We understand your frustration due to the battery life. Improving the battery life is one of our biggest priority, we hope to improve it with the next software releases.

      Smart Remote is a touchscreen universal remote that consumes more battery than a classic remote, which means it consumes more battery than a classic remote and needs to be charged. We understand that this is not a behavior you are used to.

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  • Alex T said:
    Smart Remote is a touchscreen universal remote that consumes more battery than a classic remote, which means it consumes more battery than a classic remote and needs to be charged.


    Thank you for your reply. 

    I know and understand that toushscreen is more consumming.

    But the issue I raised is that the battery went from 100% to 0% in 1 day without using it at all. It means that a background process seems to be in execution all the day.

    I'm waiting for the next release and hoping a improvement on the battery use.

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  • Given that smart remote is more than half as thick as most remotes, I would support the proposal to make the remote a bit thicker to give it more battery life.  The sleek and thin look is nice, but not really ideal.  Smartphones need to be thinner, to fit in my pocket and be easier to tote around with me all the time.  But remotes are generally thicker, because they fit more naturally in the hand that way when you pick them up.  I'd suggest taking advantage of that to improve battery life.

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    • Hi Billy Gallagher ,
      Thanks for sharing this feedback, that could be a way to improve the battery life indeed.
      It's helpful for us to know your thoughts about such topics, so please keep sharing your ideas and opinion.
      Thank you

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  • Battery life is horrible.  Drains in about a day or 2

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    • David M Hi David, an improvement for this will come very shortly in our future updates.

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  • Why not include a simple auto-off feature after a certain amount of inactivity??

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    • Rahul B Patel Thanks for your feedback! Could you please let us know what you would like Smart Remote to do specifically in order to save battery life?

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    • Anne-Sophie F. If the remote is not used for say 5 minutes then maybe the device should power down completely to conserve battery, rather than going into a standby mode

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    • Rahul B Patel That's a great suggestion indeed, but some users may not enjoy having to reboot it everytime it may have not been used for 5 minutes or more.

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    • Bolu O Might be better than not being able to use it at all!! I for one would appreciate having the option to turn that function on/off in the remote's user settings.

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    • Rahul B Patel We are currently working on some improvements that will help is improve the battery life, please stay tuned as we hope to implement some fixes shortly. Your suggestion has been in any case noted, thank you. Please do not hesitate to share if you have any addition feedback or suggestions that could help us improve our Smart Remote.

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  • It’s strange.  It seems to go from 75% straight to zero, and I’ve never seen it indicate say 30%.  So in addition to the battery life being shorter than I would like, I’m not sure the indicator is really tracking it either.

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