imposible to stop epson videoprojector and apple tv


When i turn on my home theater (clic on icon home theater), no problem (epson video projector EH-TW6700 and apple TV 4 gen turn on), 

but when i want to turn off (clic on icon home theater again), nothing done on apple tv and epson video projector.

Can you help me ? how i can select the signal for turn off the device ?


PS : is not the same signal for turn on and turn off on IR for epson video projector.

id old topic, pilot forum : 12007

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  • Hi  jeremy ,
    If I understand correctly you have an AV Scene called "home theater" to watch your Apple TV on your Epson Video Projector. In that case, when your Scene is activated you can swipe through pages of controls — the last page is called Scene Repair and will allow you to modify your Scene commands. Please let me know how it goes and if it fixes your issue.

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  • Hi,

    I can't modify the power off on scene repair. I can see only epson power, but that all.

    I need to select the signal for power on and another signal for power off, or configure automatization of apple tv command (long touch on tv button on apple tv remote on one clic on tactical zone).

    Can you help me ?



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  • Alex T , as I was saying on a separate thread, I noticed a similar issue... It looks like there's no way to turn off the Apple TV, not just within a scene, but from the device remote as well.

    On the original remote (or the official app) you turn off the device by keeping the "screen" button pressed until an overlay pops up where you can choose to put the device to sleep.

    This doesn't happen when using the Smart Remote with the Apple TV profile... the button on the devices' carousel only turns the device on and the screen button that's on the remote screen just makes you go back to the Apple TV home screen (that's its short-press function on the standard remote) but it seems like there's no long-press function active. 

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      Rampazzi Emiliano please excuse us for our late reply. Have you tried our latest software version ? Please let us know if you are still encountering this issue.

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