Reboot loop on firmware update

My remote is on 0.41.3 firmware and there is obviously new firmware available.  It's presently stuck in a reboot loop where it downloads and seemingly installs without error, but ends up back on the old firmware and once again insists on the firmware update process.  I've been through it about 10 times now.  I tried the power off factory reset procedure and that doesn't seem to change anything.  It just boots up and insists to update the firmware, and then fails at it silently.  Any suggestions?

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  • Hello  George Staikos , can you please check that the button on your charging base is working well and don't stay in a pushed state? One test you can do is when your Smart Remote is downloading the latest firmware (when it's displaying "Downloading") disconnect the Smart Remote from the charging base and let finish the process.

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  • Yes that fixed it.  I ended up losing my entire setup and had to reconfigure it.  It refused to allow me to add the remote to the Home.  I had to create a new one and delete the old one.  I had a lot of issues with things getting into an odd state and the iOS app giving errors like "Uh oh! Connection Closed code : 0".  This needs to be fixed - better error message and also root cause.  Right now it does that if I try to change units or time format.  Also it's very confusing the way scenes work now, with the icon next to AV Scenes changing when changing the scene.

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      George Staikos Hi George, could you please create a ticket so that our support team could further look into the troubles that you are having with your Smart Remote.

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  • I can.  But where exactly?  Support Contact page?

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