Error 128: “something went wrong while downloading"

In the case you are trying to add a device, group, TV or Home Scene, etc. via Smart Remote App and you get an error message mentioning “something went wrong while downloading XXX. Error: 128” please follow the steps below:

Before starting please make sure your Smart Remote App still has your Smart Remote configuration on Home.

  1. In Smart Remote Settings select "Erase All"
  2. Once Smart Remote has erased its configuration, please go to "Settings", select "Wi-Fi" and connect your Smart Remote back to your Home Network
  3. On the top left of your Smart Remote App screen click on the home icon and select "Add Smart Remote"
  4. Follow the steps on your Smart Remote App, you will be able to recover your configuration on Smart Remote by selecting the configuration you would like to push from your Smart Remote App.

If this doesn't help, please contact us.

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