Ideas to make your remote even a better

Overall I love the concept of the remote but it could use some improvements to make it a real wow piece of technology. Some of my suggestions are not overly in-depth or technical but would lend its self to a more customized experience for your end-user. 

 You need to support more devices such as Ecobee thermostats, Canary Security camera (Arm/Disarm), Arlo Security Cameras (Arm/Disarm), Allow for IR programming without picking a device first. If you add a generic IR programming option then the end-user would be able to program any IR remote into your remote. I suggest adding a non-supported IR option, include icons for robot vacuums, Strip Lights, TV, Fans, and ceiling lights. This would allow for off the brand stuff to be able to be programmed into your remote. For example, in my situation, I have a Samsung robot vacuum that I programmed under a projector because you do not allow me to just pick a generic IR device with a corresponding icon. I also have strip lights that are IR that I would have loved to program into but due to the limit of customizable remote interfaces and lack of generic IR learning, I am unable to. 

Setup issues: 
The limited ability to only customize 10 remote interfaces is a huge shortcoming. For example, on a Roku tv remote, you add channel and volume up and down on the first page, which the volume is fine but the channel buttons are pretty useless. If you look at a Roku remote you would not see channel buttons on it. You should mimic the layout of the original remote as close as possible and ensure that all the buttons you load as a default are functional for that device. These issues caused me to have to reorganize the layout and eat up one of my 10 custom remotes. I programmed the remote so I can carry it through my house and control all of my TVs, and smart home devices with one remote. This is important to me because I want one master controller. I am finding that hard to do with your current set up. I suggest allowing for more customization in this area. Also, add additional icons to your scenes to allow more customization when creating one-click options. Some icons I would like to see as well as I am sure many others are a football, baseball, soccer ball, hockey stick, Racecar, and another sport-related icon so I can program my team's colors to a scene and easily identify it by its icon. Other icons I would suggest are lights with 25% next to it, light with 50% next to it, and a light with 75% next to it to easily identify light brightness. I would also like to see the ability to turn off the "titles" for scenes and be able to just have a grid of icons to control scenes. 

Point Mode: 
It would be awesome if you could get additional wall pucks to place in other rooms so you can take the remote from room to room and the remote can tell what room it is in and enable the point mode for that room. 

This one goes hand in hand with compatibility. Features to adjust thermostat temperature for ecobee and other smart thermostats would be awesome. I know you can do that now with webhooks but that does not allow you to adjust temps on the fly through a native interface. I can also echo from compatibility that a more robust IR learning is needed and more button options when programming in IR mode. For example, if I want to program an IR light strip having the option to pick color buttons and standard logo buttons would be huge! Another feature that would make the remote more user friendly would be the ability to put scene buttons right onto a remote. For example on your tv remote give the ability to add a light button to toggle lights on and off. Or the ability to add a scene button right to your TV remote layout without needing to point the remote to another location in the room or scroll to that page. 

This is more of a cosmetic feature but gives the ability to program a night mode that can automatically dim the remote during certain times or change the color of the interface. For example, if I chose to click a custom scene that I made for movies change the remote to green icons instead of white or set the remote to dim by 25%. 

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  • Hi John Berlen Thank you for giving us feedback on your experience with the Sevenhugs Smart Remote. We are very delighted that you are taking the time to let us know how we can improve your user experience, your message and all suggestions/feature requests totally make sense and will be relayed to the dev team for further improvements.

    Feedback like this helps us constantly improve our Smart Remote by knowing what we are doing right and what we can work on. So, we appreciate you taking the time to send us this.

  • John Berlen said:
    If you add a generic IR programming option then the end-user would be able to program any IR remote into your remote.

     I was thinking the same thing the other day. A generic option would help greatly!

    I also read in another thread where someone suggested to move the carousel from the top to the bottom of the remote. I highly recommend against doing this as the palm of your hand would constantly cause issues with the remote. Giving someone the - option - of doing this might be nice though, because then you could turn the feature off when you learn about all the issues it causes. 

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