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Custom IR device with customizable remote interface

This can actually count as two separate requests. One for learning any IR device through the remote button learning. The second is to have a customizable smart remote screen that fits the needs of the user environment. 

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  • I agree

  • It would be great to have the option of entering the IR code manually. For example your original remote may just toggle through inputs, when you actually want to set a specific input (wifi, Bluetooth, optical, etc)

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  • Hi!!!

    I'm using the beta with any problem. I'd like to be able to have predefine images for things like power on/off, volume up/dowm, etc instead to have only text to name a button, in color or b&w.

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  • I wholeheartedly agree!

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    • Would like to let you guys know that this is now in Beta and we hope to be able to release it soon !

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  • What I’m looking for is the ability to point a remote at my smart remote learn that code and me assign an icon for it on my home screen. This will fill in any blanks in compatibility nicely. Is this what others are asking for here?

    • Paul Whittaker have you checked our IR learning feature? Here is how to add a button via IR learning to your interface. 

      Here is how to add an IR device from scratch via IR learning.

    • Anne-Sophie F. is this quite what I’m after as it’s ugly and says “input *” per function. I want a new device adding with custom icons and a learnt code from an existing remote. Is this in the beta at the moment?

    • Paul Whittaker With these instructions Here you can definitely add device via IR learning and change its name, you won't be able to change the icon yet.

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    • Anne-Sophie F. yes I have it working! Fantastic. I have some product suggestions for your second generation of smart remote? Who do I speak to to pass my ideas?

    • Paul Whittaker that's great news, thanks a lot for letting us know! Please feel free to share your suggestions to, we'll be glad to escalate them to our team!

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