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Ikea Tradfri Smart Lights

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  • This would be much appreciated! I've actually installed quite a few of these IKEA Tradfri lights in hopes of controlling them via Sevenhugs remote.

    These lights are much cheaper compared to Phillips Hue system, and they have quite extensive selection of different bulbs for different lamps.

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  • BTW, the integration is quite simple, you can make it work e.g. via Node-RED flows (I created some via raspi during late last year), so in a worst case, maybe need to combine IFTTT + Node-RED to make the remote work with the IKEA Lights.

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  • "This brand is on our radar, but we don't yet know when we'll be able to support it."

    What would it take to get it to your radar Sevenhugs

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    • Tuomas Heinonen Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are looking to support these very soon. We have a few ourselves here in our office. For specific dates, we are hoping to begin sharing these soon.

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    • Frank So the sevenhugs remote is Zigbee compatible ?

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  • So...  Sevenhugs went from  "[...] we’ll be looking into adding support for additional brands like IKEA Tradfri [...] after we start shipping." to "not compatible".

    Really ?

    After waiting that long, i finaly got the device a few weeks ago and you start reducing the list of compatible hardwares ?  Come on !

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  • If you pair these with a Hue bridge then they work as hue lights for on/off and for brightness but not for changing colour which does nothing from the Smart Remote. This is curious since they work with colour changing from other apps and devices which support Hue.

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  • Please add this! Our home is only with TRÅDFRI because it’s cheaper than Hue

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  • Workaround is to buy the Philips Bridge instead of the Ikea hub. And connect all the Trådfri bulbs to the Hue

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    • Gregory Simons Problem is: i have also a Ikea trådfri smart plug and a i‘ll buy the smart blinds. And they need to be connected to the ikea Gateway/Bridge. Oh...and you can’t to Updates for the lamps if they are connected to Hue

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    • Elias Seiler aaaah ok. Thought maybe this would help you. I've connected all my devices to Homey. A Dutch device from the company Athom. It simulates all bridges, gateways and protocols. 

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    • Gregory Simons they just need to support trådfri so people don’t have to buy extra gateways/hubs. The remote is expensive enough

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