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  • You can use the Flirc USB as a workaround to control Plex. All you need is a device compatible with Flirc USB and Plex. Then, follow this article to add Plex as a model number under the Set Top Boxes & Media Streamers category and the brand Flirc.

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    • Pierre Anzil Sure, but Flirc has no way to actually launch Plex…so great…I have this super fancy amazing remote…and my media server computer plugged into my TV…and I have to get up, walk over to it, get the mouse or keyboard out, launch Plex, go sit down, and then use the remote. T


      here’s no programmable way to have it send a launch command to the computer via bluetooth, via flirc…nothing, there’s no way to open or exit Plex…so, the workaround is lame.

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  • Why would Plex need it's own remote or special integration?  It's not a piece of hardware, it's just software that runs on a bunch of different streaming media players, tvs, gaming systems, etc., which will mostly all be supported by the Smart Remote at launch.

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    • Tim Katje in much the same way that they plex app can remote control another plex instance - the UI opportunities are worth it in the same way that Spotify connect is worth it - direct media access and rich device control. 

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      Tim Katje a windows PC is not supported (unless you add FLIRC to it). Right now I'm controlling Plex on my windows HTPC with a Harmony Hub/Remote via USB

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  • It does say it supports Kodi. And Plex is pretty much built on top of Kodi..

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  • with my harmony remote i can program it so it launches plex from my mac mini, and full screens it...then sends the normal up down left right enter back simple commands as any other remote...i even set up a quit key thats just cmd + q to close it...the seven hugs smart remote can’t do any of this...most show stopping is even starting plex on my mac...lame duck

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