Add or modify a button/input via IR Learning

There are several occasions while using your Smart Remote which will prompt you to make use of IR learning:

  • While customising your Smart Remote interface , Smart Remote gives you the ability to add a button via IR learning by selecting "Use infrared learning" on Smart Remote App when adding or modifying a button
  • After adding an IR device, if you scroll till the 4th page of its interface on Smart Remote and the input you need is not there you can learn from your device's remote control via IR learning by pressing "add an input"
  • When you add an AV Scene on Smart Remote, after selecting the devices you want to have in your AV Scene in Smart Remote App, you are asked to select the right input on Smart Remote to finish setup. While selecting the right inputs for each of your devices by pressing the right and left arrows, if you don't find the right one you can learn it from your old remote via IR learning by pressing "Input missing?".

Here is how to add a button or input via IR learning:


Before starting, if you are adding buttons or inputs by customizing Smart Remote interface via Mobile App, please follow the steps below only after pressing "Save" and leaving UI customization interface in Smart Remote App.

  1. Place your old remote on a flat surface in front of your Smart Remote, less than 5cm from each other (both infrared windows should face each other).
  2. Press start on Smart Remote
  3. Press and hold the missing button on your old remote for 5 seconds and release it. You should get a screen "Infrared button received" (if this doesn't work at first try and you get an error 31, please retry again make sure you hold the button on your old remote long enough and then release it and that requirements described in step 1. are respected)
  4. Test the button learned by pressing it on Smart Remote
  5. Press "YES"
  6. Press "finish"

Your new button/input will be added to your Smart Remote interface.

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