Spotify only sees 1 device for playback

Today I upgraded to Spotify Premium just to check it out with Sevenhugs. Now I noticed the Smart Remote only sees 1 device for playback. When I open the app on my Macbook or iPhone I can see for example my Chromecast. When I open again the Spotify app and check for playback devices, it shows more devices for just 0,5 seconds and then only shows the device I initially started the playback from (only the Spotify App). 

So i only see for example my Windows notebook, or my Macbook, but not Chromecast or iPhone. Not sure what is going on and if this is an issue with Spotify Connect or a bug in the Spotify service. 

Any one else experiencing the same issue? When I playback from Macbook and set it to Chromecast and close the app on my Macbook. THen i use Sevenhugs it still thinks its playing on Macbook instead of Chromecast, very confusing..

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  • For me, the smart remote only sees my iPhone as a playable device. I only use Spotify through my Sonos. Can it see my Sonos speaker to play spotify?

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    • Paul B.  Bram van den Kerkhof our Spotify integration is done via Spotify connect. Spotify connect has some limitations. Smart Remote does not support Chromecast directly. We do not control the player directly (like Chromecast or your phone) we control it over Spotify connect and this is only possible when the player is running and saying to Spotify Connect: "I am here". For example on players like Alexa echo the Spotify player is always running that's why Spotify connect doesn't have any limitations in that case. With Chromecast it’s only running when you cast to it with another device than the Smart Remote. 

      Paul B. concerning your Sonos, this is also a limitation from Spotify Connect but our team is currently working on content browsing for Sonos integration, stay tuned!

      I hope this clarifies your questions, let us know if you have further questions about this.

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