Customize device screen layout

Smart Remote supports the ability to personalize your Smart Remote experience by creating your own control screens. This feature is currently in beta and allows you to:

  • Edit your controls and layout: add, remove, rename and rearrange your buttons/inputs
  • Add infrared controls with IR learning: use an existing infrared remote to teach Smart Remote new IR buttons functions

Here is how to customize controls and layout:


  1. Add an infrared device or create an AV Scene with Smart Remote app.

  2. Click on the infrared device or AV Scene you would like to customize.
  3. Click on "customize screen layout" (beta version).
  4. Click on "Get started" to personalize how your buttons are displayed onscreen:
    • add controls/inputs
    • remove controls/inputs
    • rename controls/inputs
    • create up to 4 pages and manage them as you like
  5. When you arrive on your screen grid, you can see all the buttons and widgets you can add to Smart Remote:
    • buttons represent a 1x1 square on your grid
    • widgets can have different sizes and represent (navigation controls, volume/channel controls, keypad, ABCD, etc.)
  6. Click on a button or widget to edit or move it or click "+" to add a button or widget.

To restore a device or AV Scene to the default screen layout:

  • Click on the IR device or AV Scene you would like to edit.
  • Click "restore to default layout".

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