Change your Room Sensors configuration

You may need to change your Room Sensors configuration in the following cases:

  • you received a replacement Smart Remote
  • you received a replacement Room Sensor
  • you received a replacement Charging Base
  1. Please perform a Hardware reset on your Room Sensors: this will put your Room Sensors in pairing mode for 5 min (You will see the white LED blinking)
  2. Please perform a Hardware reset on your Charging Base: this will put your Charging Base in pairing mode for 5 min

  3. Ensure that your Smart Remote is turned on within the 5 min following the reset of both your Room Sensors and Charging Base

  4. On Smart Remote, swipe through the carousel at the top of the screen to the “Settings” icon on the far right.

  5. Select “Point Mode”  

  6. Press the “Activate Point Mode” button

  7. Make sure your Charging Base and Room Sensors are powered on and in direct line if sight with Smart Remote

  8. Press "activate"

  9. Smart Remote will state that 1, 2, 3 Room Sensors are missing or that your Charging Base is missing. There will also be an option to "Change configuration"

  10. Press the "Change configuration" button

  11. Continue following instructions on Smart Remote to activate Point Mode and Locate your devices

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