AV Scene Changes

 When changing from one A/V Scene to another which requires and input change on the TV, (Direct TV cable box <> Apple TV) and a power toggle of the intended device to be attached to the TV. 

  1. There doest seen to be any attempt to adjust the TV inputs to the appropriate HDMI inputs for that new device whether it's the Cable box or Apple TV. 
  2. The remote turns off the TV that's already powered on instead of acknowledging that the last A/V scene already turned on the TV

Items referenced: 

TV: Emerson LC320EM2

Cable Box: Direct TV C41W100

Apple TV: 4K

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  • Hi  Mark Martino thanks for this feedback, A/V Scene should works as you describe. We think that your issue may be linked to the HDMI CEC when you turn off the cable box it automatically shut down your TV, then the Apple TV turns it on. 

    Could you please deactivate the HDMI CEC/Control of your Cable box or TV and retry to switch between your two A/V Scene?

    Let us know if this information was helpful.

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  • Hi Mathieu,

    Thanks for the reply. 

    • HDMI CEC on the TV was already off. 
    • When I use the individual remote for the Apple TV to turn "on" the Apple TV connected to the TV, it does NOT effect the power of the TV.
    • When I use the Remote for the Direct TV box (w/o being configured to control the TV) to turn "on" the cable box, it does NOT effect the TV power.
    • You neglected address the TV input issue i outlined in your response. was this an oversight? 

    Is there anyone out there having this issue too?

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  •  Hello Mark!

    Thanks for sharing this feedback. We understand that this can be frustrating for you, especially for such recurrent commands when trying to switch from one AV Scene to the other.


    1.  Would you please verify that your AV Scene settings are set correctly? See this article (Part II) https://support.sevenhugs.com/t/x124kl/create-an-av-scene

    • If your settings are correctly configured, you should be able to change to the correct input when turning on this AV Scene. 

    • I confirm that Smart Remote is already doing the delta in-between two AV Scenes so that should resolve your issue. However, if you still encounter this issue, try to re-create your AV Scene from scratch and make sure all correct devices are selected and adjusted in the AV Scene creation


    2. Would you please verify that both AV Scene shares the same device as a display source? If so, Smart Remote should not turn off your TV. 


    • Your TV IR receiver may partially receive the commands from Smart Remote. Please make sure all of your IR receivers are in clear line of sight with Smart Remote. 


    • Another way to help you with this particular issue is to “repair” your AV Scene. Once launched, your AV Scene control will be displayed on your Smart Remote, you can swipe right on the AV Scene UI to reveal the “repair” screen, which allows you to send again an IR command which has not been received correctly.


    Hope this complementary piece of information will help you with your issue.

    Please, keep us posted!

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    • Micka Hi Micka,

      Thanks for your input to this issue.

      What I did was to reset everything and to start from scratch by erasing the remote and phone App. With that done, I added all devices once again and created the two scenes (watching TV with direct TV and watching TV with ATV-4K). This time the experience was a bit different in that the TV didn't shut off when changing scenes this time around and the remote attempts to move to the correct inputs but the inputs are still a problem. I have gone to the "repair" screen to adjust the inputs for each scene repeatedly but the changing of the scenes still has the remote stepping past the correct inputs no matter what I do. This TV has the following inputs in this order: TV-HDMI1-HDMI2-Video-PC. The ATV is attached to HDMI1 and the Direct TV box is connected to HDMI2. When I'm in the direct TV scene and I go to the ATV-4K scene, the remote steps to the inputs and ends up on the PC input which I can't seem to change when going to the repair screen. When Ive performed the repair for the APT scene and then select the direct TV scene, the remote steps to the TV input and no matter how many times I select the correct input in the repair screen, the results stay the same. 


      Another thing unrelated to this is about the battery life being a bit short. I was wondering if the remote being off the charger for an entire day depleting the battery to almost zero is normal?

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    • Mark Martino hi! How much time does battery last when you put it on a table out of its CB? For your information, autonomy is variable depending on usage

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    • Pierre Anzil I’ve not timed the battery depletion however I know this...if I mistakenly forget to place the remote on the charger at night, it will be completely dead in the morning. One thing to note is that the battery life issue (at least with me) has created a strategy/culture to not ever leave the remote laying around throughout the day without replacing it back on the charger which I’m going out in a limb here by saying that I’m pretty certain that I’m not alone on this. 

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  • Can I get some assistance to the "input" issue that Ive documented above? Seems like no matter what I do, the remote toggles as its supposed to however I can't seem to get the remote to toggle to the correct input even after perform a "repair" a bunch of times. 

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    • Mark Martino is the input button on your original remote a toggle or a discrete button? Try to press that button multiple time, if TV input changes every time, means it is a toggle and not a separate input.

      Do you add via model number or OSM?

      Can you share a picture of your Smart Remote (input page for the specific device)?

      What is your Smart Remote Serial, please?


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    • Pierre Anzil the input button toggles just as you stated. Photo of original remote attached 

      photo of input page of the Sharp TV on the Smart Remote attached also. 

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    • Pierre Anzil I apologize for not addressing all of your questions in my last message.

      I have added the TV model in both ways (by manually inputting the model & via OSM ) with the same end results. 

      The Smart Remote s/n is e018e14b48b260139

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      • Sevenhugs
      • Sevenhugs
      • 4 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Mark Martino thanks for getting back to us. Concerning your input button, were you using a universal remote before? If so, you could potentially learn the right input command from this remote. Here is how to do so. Please let us know if that helps.

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