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Smart Remote is not compatible yet with all your TV/Media devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. While our team is working hard on developing these integrations, we wanted to share a few workarounds that could help to control the following devices for now (please still feel free to vote for these devices on our voting platform and follow them to get notified once they are available):

Flirc USB was created in order to make some of your devices TV/Media devices initially compatible via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, infrared compatible.

Plug your Flirc USB to your device

To be able to use Flirc, you just need to plug Flirc USB into any USB port of the device you would like to control. Once plugged into your device, Flirc will be recognized by your device as a keyboard where keys will be replaced by infrared commands.

Add your Nvidia Shield or Amazon Fire TV via Flirc on your Smart Remote

Then you need to add Flirc on your Smart Remote, here is how to do it:

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Smart Remote.

  2. Launch the Smart Remote app and make sure you are on the Devices & Services tab.

  3. Select “Add a device or service".

  4. Select "Infrared Devices"

  5. Select the category "Set Top Boxes & Media Streamers"

  6. Select your device location: "North-America"

  7. Search for and select the brand "Flirc"

  8. Select "Enter my model manually"

  9. Enter the name of the device you would like to add

    • "NVIDIAShield"

    • "FireTV"

Your Flirc interface should now be added on your Smart Remote

Add your PS3 and PS4 via Flirc on your Smart Remote

If you follow the same steps as for adding Amazon Fire TV and Nvidia Shield via Flirc to your Smart Remote to add your PS3 and PS4, it won't work at first, but no worries we have a workaround for you.

  1. To start please follow the same steps as above to add your PS3 or PS4. At step 9. please enter "PS3" or "PS4".
  2. Your PS3 or PS4 interface will be added to your Smart Remote
  3. Please follow the link here to download Flirc's graphic interface on your laptop.
  4. Once installed please select "PS3" or "PS4" among the available controlers
  5. Connect Flirc USB to your computer
  6. On Flirc interface please select the button you would like to add 
  7. On Smart Remote press the button that corresponds to it
  8. Repeat step 6. and 7. until all keys are programmed to control your game console

You are now able to control your PS3 and PS4 with your Smart Remote.

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