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Adaptive Volume Rocker

For Sevenhugs Remote V 2.0, I would suggest adding a physical volume rocker to the side.  This would add incredible usability. The feature would be called the Adaptive Rocker Button. The user would be able to customize what each press of the button does but it will do something different for each targeted device. For example, if you point the remote at your TV or Sonos speaker, it could control the volume. Point the remote at a lamp, you could control the brightness of the bulb. If you point it at an on/off switch, you can toggle power states. This would permit a tactile experience that would allow convenient control without having to look at the remote and would compliment the display controls brilliantly. 

To be honest, I dont even have this remote. But I've been looking to experiment with something other than my Harmony Remote/Hub because I'm getting tired of scenes and the ease with which Harmony goes out of sync. I've seen Caavo, but it seems that the Sevenhugs remote can handle more of my smart home. That said, a physical button that would allow for some custom and tactile experience would be very convincing.

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  • Also, have you considered a camera? This could be the ultimate smart control for people who dont want to install equipment in the walls (renters for example). If there were a camera or at least a microphone and speaker, it could be like an intercom. A sevenhugs remote in every room. 

  • Thank you for the suggestion. Please don't forget to vote for this topic so that it can be more visible to other users. Please do not hesitate to share if you have any further feedback or suggestions that could help us to improve our Smart Remote.

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