Hi everyone..so today issues (i seem to find some everyday).

I have an Apple TV and an Nvidia Shield.  Both are setup on the remote and working.  However, when the screen turns off/times out..whatever it's called it affects whichever device I'm using at the time.


So..for Apple TV, I'll get a war ring up in the top right of the screen saying  remote disconnected.  That will stay there for about 5 to 10 seconds.  When  I pick up the remote and the screen kicks in, there will be a slight delay before it will work again with the apple TV as its trying to reconnect.

For the nvidia...when the screen timeout happens, it seems to return the shield back to the homepage.  So..I could be watching plex, or BBC iplayer and then all of a sudden it will stop and on back to the homepage.   


Is this a faulty remote, or is this by design? It pretty much renders this device as useless at the moment.


Unfortunately with the sonos issues, the lack of delay settings and a couple of other things, I an very ose on selling this remote..which is a shame.  Concept is good, but  the practical side of it at the moment is not...


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  • Hi Ben Webb Good news, connection and disconnection pop-ups and interruptions in certain apps on Apple TV and NVidia Shield have been fixed in our latest software release. Please check out the release notes here.

  • Ben Webb  Hi! Thanks a lot for taking the time to raise this. Would you mind sharing with us some videos on what's heppening with both your Apple TV and Nvidia Shield so we can help?

  • Hi...thanks for getting back to me.  

    Unfortunately I won't be able to video this, as I have now sold the remote.   For various reasons (Sonos, delays, disconnects, IR codes) all mentioned in other various issue posts I've put up, it's not the remote for me....perhaps I'm just too fussy.

    Great concept though.


    • Ben Webb I'm sorry that you finally decided to sell it. Thanks al ot for your feedback though, these are precious for us to make sure our users don't experience the same issue as you in the future.

  • Hi...

    Ok...I've just unpacked it...as I've sold it to a friend (he knows of the issues and is a bit more patient than me!!!).

    So...two videos attached one for Apple TV and one for Shield.  The Apple TV is pretty obvious from the video..the shield one isn't quite as obvious, but I'll try to explain what is going on.

    At the start of the video, I'm on the home screen..but i've scrolled to an icon on there, ready to select and start the respective app.  You will then see that i've moved the screen on the remote away from the shield page to another device page (in this case the Apple TV, but it could be anything).  You will then see that the remote sends a signal to my nvdia shield and there is a change in which icon now is 'selected'.  I didn't press anything on the remote except to move away from the device.  

    I then (also to show the really bad experience I had) selected BBC iplayer.  Once i'm in the iplayer app, i then move away from the shield device page on the remote...you will then notice that BBC iplayer closes out and goes back to the home page.

    I can guarantee to you that what i've shown you here is what happens either:

    a. as shown when i move away from the current device page to another

    b. the remote display times-out and goes to sleep (or whatever it does).


    I hope this helps.

    Just a reminder...the above issues, sonos issues, delay (or lack of) issues, ir codes (or inablity to add ir codes), battery length are what i've experienced in the few days i've had it.  

    I really like the remote..when i unpacked it again, I was liking it.  But even then..when I had to set it all up..I had to uninstall  the app and start all over....little things, but they all add up.


    I'll be interested as to whether any of these can be resolved, as even though I've sold it to my mate...I'm updating him on this, and I am also interested in getting this resolved for him as well.



    • Ben Webb Thanks a lot for these precisions, that helps a lot! These are actually known issues on or side.  Here is some more explanation about it: when going to the Nvidia Shield on the carousel of Smart Remote, the Bluetooth connection is initiated and the Nvidia Shield makes a glitch that looks like a down+up arrow sequence. 
      This glitch is on the Nvidia Shield side, but our team is working on implementing a fix for this in one of our next releases. 

      Our team is also working on solving the issue for Apple TV (the keyboard connected/disconnected popup), a fix should be available in one of our next releases. 

      We are also definitely working on the other issues you mentioned, battery life should be improved within 2 months.

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