Touch Screen layout and sensitivity area suggestions

Love the remote; I have no doubt it is insanely difficult to manage so many potential issues and devices. 


That said - my main gripe is simply the area provided for up/down/left/right selection VS the middle 'select' area. I feel like the select portion would do better much smaller. 


Also - I'm not sure the general layout of the screen buttons typically device to device, but keeping the keyboard button away from the much pressed 'back' button would be helpful. 

 In summary, the main issue I have with the remote is simply the accuracy and attention needed to select the correct 'button'.

I'm sure I'm not the first to say something and I'm sure it's not an easy fix... But for all the Mula spent on a damn remote, I'd really appreciate any sort of resolution.


Thanks for your time and listening!!! 

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  • Hi Nate Smith ,
    Thank you for sharing your feedback! 
    If I understand correctly, you would like:
    - A smaller up/down/left/right area so you can have more buttons or bigger buttons below
    - The keyboard button away from the back button

    I don't have an immediate fix for the first point as you can imagine, however, we'll definitely look into it for future versions.
    Regarding the second point, do you know that you can customize your screen layout? This feature allows you to add/remove/edit button so you should be able to place the keyboard button away from the back button. You can even add it on a new page of controls if you don't often need it.

    Please let me know how it goes and keep sharing feedback, this is really valuable to us.

    Sevenhugs Design

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    • Sevenhugs Design I didn't realize that I could customize the buttons like that, my bad I guess I haven't messed with the remote that in depth yet.  Sorry for making a criticism before understanding it fully. 


      You're close with the up down left right portion... Maybe a better explanation of my issue is that the up down left right buttons seem to be too small of an area for recognized touch...  I find myself hitting the select portion or the middle portion much more often than being able to navigate with the up down left right which is frustrating because I'll just be trying to move to the next option on the TV and I'll accidentally select the option I'm on.  


      My suggestion was that the middle select option or area be smaller and the areas for the up down left right be bigger. The area the entire left down upright and middle select portion on the screen seems fine. 

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    • Hey Nate Smith ,
      No worries, we are here to help!

      It seems that you are talking about the trackpad (on the left in the screenshot). You should be able to remove it and add the navigation pad (on the right in the screenshot) with the Custom Screen Layout feature.


      Also, note that the trackpad allows you to swipe to navigate so you don't have to tap arrows to go left/right/up/down.

      I hope this helps, let me know!

      Sevenhugs Design

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    • Sevenhugs Design YES!  THANK YOU!  Okay.... all is good! My issues have been resolved and this is now clearly the best remote I've owned and highly recommend it to everyone. 


      Thanks again Alex - have a great day.  (I obviously need to mess with this thing more! haha)

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    • Nate You're welcome! 
      Feel free to take a look at other How to articles to learn more about using Smart Remote.
      Have a great day and thanks again for your support.

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    • Nate Smith  I agree with this finding, the up, down, Left, Right arrows on the navigation screen are way too small and difficult to hit retiably.  I think they should be made larger, or redesigned altogether. 

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    • Allen Jackson I still can agree with this statement... however,  the 'Navigation Pad' Is much better ...  that said, I would still agree with the larger proportion for navigation.  I also would say that, the customization ability is clearly a nice feature, but cumbersome in terms of figuring out the best solution for your individual need,.. nothing to the fault of Sevenhugs ... but cumbersome nonetheless.  I doubt theres any workaround to make your personal experience perfect, but hey - you bought the damn thing! lol 

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  • Hey Allen Jackson Nate Smith , thanks for your feedback.

    • When reading your comments, it seems that it's not clear enough that you can swipe to navigate up/down/left/right when using the "trackpad", it looks like you thought you have to tap on arrows. Do you confirm?
    • Knowing that you can swipe with the trackpad, and that it's velocity-sensitive (you can go far on the right with a strong swipe), would you prefer the trackpad or navigation pad by default? 

    Thanks again for actively sharing your feedback, it helps us improve the product in future versions for you and other customers.

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  • Yes, I thought I had to tap on the arrows, however I do prefer the other trackpad and would prefer that was the default. I love the remote and I am looking forward to being able to make buttons with upper-case letters (I was told this is in beta) and I hope to see a future update to enable custom colors and more icons. Thanks!

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    • Allen Jackson Something will be definitely in the works in the future with regards to the custom colors as this is the popular request, we will make sure to keep you updated.

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