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  I’m seriously thinking about returning my remote I don’t think it’s worth $326.63 When it’s so difficult to program plus some features are not even available yet. Like the find remote button on the charging base doesn’t work.  When I spend high end $$$ for a Universal Remote I don’t wanna do a lot of work to program it, not saying this remote doesn’t do as advertised but I couldn’t find my Home theater system or my television so I had to use a similar device which doesn’t have the same buttons. For example I have a Bose 700 soundbar speaker but could not find it in the programming guide so I had to use a Bose 500 speaker which is completely different so a lot of my functions could not be programmed on my Smart Remote X, even when I did the learning buttons did not work.😐 They're a lot of work around you have to do to program certain items in your house and the Sensors are a challenge to setup within themselves grrrr... Again $327 do you guys at Sevenhugs plan to make setup easier? And the Sensors do u guys / ladies plan to update them for better range & angle setup?? Its really driving me crazy to try to place them, my living room is small and weirdly shaped.. Please give me some kind of reason why I should keep my Sevenhugs remote and not get a Harmony Universal Remote? . Like what updates do you guys have coming what new features etc etc plz.. Thank you!!! and this is no dig at Sevenhugs I like my Remote but at this price point I need more am just looking for a reason to stick around n support your company I appreciate u and the hard work you put into your product. 

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. The find remote button feature is not available yet on Smart Remote. We'll make sure to let you know as soon as it is. 

    Could you please share more about what did not work when trying to do IR learning?

    We would love to help you setting up your Sensors, could you please tell us more about the challenges you are facing placing them?

    We have more updates coming for sure to improve your experience. We'll keep you updated. 

  • Thank u for your reply.. Ok so my Bose soundbar 700 isn't functioning properly some function are not available like switching between sound sources or directly pushing the sound source button like on the original remote. I kno u said try IR learning but that's not working the Smart Remote X says your missing something I don't  remember the exact words,but definitely said I was missing something. Same thing with my TV I have a Samsung UN78JS9000 the remote setup doesn't have that TV so I have to use a similar TV and IR learning for the rest of the buttons that's not fun especially after spending all this money on this remote.  And I cant for the life of me get this TV scene function to work right when I set it up the way I want it on my phone than I look at the Remote its saying to finish setup 🤦‍♂️ I'm like I did finish the setup 🤦‍♂️ and the battery life on the Remote sucks it dies way to fast plz fix.. ok last thing the sensors so 2 of the sensors lineup fine but I have a wall that's blocking the 3rd sensor and I want the 3rd sensor by the door so I can setup the Uber function on my remote is that even available yet? Plus I have Hue lights throughout my small NYC apartment I want to point my Remote at.. And I know you said that more updates are coming for sure to improve customer experience. Again I would like to know what pacifically is coming because I'm trying to make a decision to keep or return and I have 30 days to do so. And I see your last update was 1.12.2 over 60days ago so Please let me know as a customer and the people on this community forum what's coming  🙏 Thank u again 

    • Rich thanks a lot for sharing this feedback. After taking a look at Bose website, we have discovered that the Soundbar 700 sends out the IR signal from the soundbar itself and not the Bose remote. I would recommend reaching out to Bose support team.  

      I'm sorry that your Samsung TV model is not part of our database, we made sure to ask our database to add it in the future. 

      TV Scene creation has two steps: selection of your devices in App and then you will need to select the right inputs on Smart Remote, this is why it asks you to finish the setup on Smart Remote, it will allow you to test the inputs for each device. 

      The battery life of the remote should be from 2 to 3 days, are you experimenting something different?

      The Uber function is not available yet on Smart Remote, you won't be able to add it yet. Have you tried setting your Room Sensors without this constraint with the door?

      Our latest update was on April 27th, and we'll be releasing apps update next week, with a new feature to help the connection between Smart Remote and Smart Remote App. Some new integrations are also coming but they require validation for these partners, we can't tell exactly when they are going to be available. We are also fixing more bugs on Smart Remote to improve your experience.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience here, that helps a lot!

  • It’s really sad that I have to write about how I’m gonna return my remote to finally get a response. And get a little bit of help with my remote but its fine I’ll just take my business elsewhere I hope you guys make improvements

    • Rich We're sorry that this experience is frustrating for you, we are definitely willing to help. We have just answered your email with more questions concerning your Room Sensors placement. 

  • Anything coming those current news will get from a site where every news updated very faster. So for that everyone should Read Us 24x7.

  • I originally bought the Smart Remote X and I can say that setting up the sensors couldn't have been easier. It basically sets itself up. If the room someone is using the Smart Remote in is oddly shaped, then blame the person who designed the room, not the manufacture of a product being used in the room. 

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