App won't let me finish setting up. Very sad.

I can't complete the set up process where I'm able to add devices. I'm able to connect the remote to my wifi, then connect my phone to my remote, but then the app screen goes white with no tabs or options.  Just a completely blank white screen. If I swipe right from the left edge of my phone I get the "home" menu but that's all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and I've also erased all and restarted the remote. No matter what I get the same result. I really want this to work out. Love the way the remote fits in my hand. Can anyone help me?

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  • lakersfreak thanks for sharing this. I confirm that we were able to fix the issue and this fix will be available in our next App release in February.

    In the meantime, for anyone having the same issue, please reach out to at support@sevenhugs.com, we'll be happy to share a test link so you can use the App anyway.

  • Hi everyone! I wanted to follow-up with to let you know that our latest Android App release v1.14.5 should fix this issue of white screen when setting up Smart Remote. Please check out the release notes here.

  • I have exactly the same issue. They are aware of this issue for two months now. It seems to be related with android 10. I am running android 10 on a galaxy note 10 and the smart remote app is the only one not working. 

    They are working on a solution but it already take while. 

    Glad that I am not the only person, the issue is not related to my device

  • I also have android 10 (galaxy S10+). This is disappointing to hear. 2 months!!!! I was hoping it was something I was doing wrong. I just bought the remote so if it's not fixed in a week, I will return it. 

    • Harry Derkalousdian 

      Thanks a lot for reporting this, we are currently working on this. Could you please share with us the version number of your phone? (In settings, about on your phone)

  • Android Version 10

  • I have a Pixel 4XL on Android 10 and have had no issues. Weird.

  • Maybe it's just an Android 10 issue with Galaxy phones? I definitely cant add any of my components after setting up wifi and connecting the remote to my phone.

    • Harry Derkalousdian I confirm that this does not happen with all phones, we trying to figure out with which models it happens exactly. We'll share with you soon a new version of the App that will allow us to gather more information on this. 

  • When do you anticipate fixing this? I have until Jan 3 to return the remote. If not fixed by then I'd like to return the remote and get something that actually works. Maybe a warning label on the retail box that says "currently won't work with Galaxy phones" would be nice.

    • lakersfreak This is a recent issue that we discovered, we are doing our best to solve it as soon as possible. We'll make sure to update you in the next few days and before Jan 3 so you can return your Smart Remote in time if needed. 

  • update... I was able to go through the set up and add my components with my Samsung Tablet last night. So bottom line is the app has an issue with Samsung Galaxy phones using Android 10. It's not convenient to use my tablet to make changes, but it will do for now. Hopefully the app on the phone is fixed soon.

    • lakersfreak Thanks for sharing this update. We are trying to fix this as soon as possible. This does not happen on all Samsung Galaxy phones using Android 10, but only on certain version numbers. We'll keep you updated, thanks a lot for your patience!

  • So it seems they are on a good way, fixing the issue. They already know which aspects of the app need to be changed. Should be only a couple of days till a new version will be rely

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  • Bringing this up again because it's been 3 weeks and the app still does not work on my Galaxy S10 phone. I don't understand why the update is taking so long. Please fix. It's not convenient to have to use my tablet to be able to use the Sevenhugs remote.

    • lakersfreak could you please reach out to us at support@sevenhugs.com so we can help with this?

      • lakersfreak
      • Harry_Derkalousdian
      • 2 mths ago
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      Anne-Sophie F. hi Anne-Sophie I already emailed support 3 weeks ago, and included screenshots of what was happening. I will forward those emails again.

    • lakersfreak please excuse us for this confusion, we'll follow-up via email, we currently solving this issue.

  • FYI, SevenHugs sent me a link in an email to update my app, and ever since I can now access and use the app through my phone!

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