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Android TV - Wi-Fi Control

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  • Hi everyone! Great news today, Android TV is now available on Smart Remote. This new integration allows you to control any device running Android TV. Install Android TV devices via the Wi-Fi discovery within the Smart Remote App and further customize your Android TV experience by changing the layout of your Smart Remote to arrange buttons any way you like with the Smart Remote app’s customized layout feature. 

    You’ll also find a surprise when you try to customize your Android TV device, who’ll be the first one to find it?

    Please check our latest release notes for v0.74.21 here and how to add Android TV devices here.

    Please feel free to share any feedback you have on this new feature!

  • Wifi control would be great but perhaps easier would be control over bluetooth since all Android TV units have bluetooth anyway and controls are is pretty universal so it should be easier to implement.

    Ideally an Android TV remote should be able to combine IR with either wifi or bluetooth control for full functionality (IR for TV power, volume, etc and wifi / bluetooth for keyboard input and special keys). 

    • Charlie Callow Indeed a fantastic idea, perhaps we will see if we can manage to get it working via BLE like we did with the Apple and FireTV as like you suggested, the controls are universal and not difficult to implement.

    • Bolu O Looks like the work is already mostly done here! Bluetooth HID devices are pretty universal and since Fire TV is based on Android (and in fact I have used Fire TV remotes with Android TV devices before without issue) I decided to try a little experiment.

      I did a search for wifi and bluetooth devices on my Sevenhugs smart remote and and it found my first gen Fire TV stick. I know this is not supported due to it not supporting bluetooth LE but I selected it anyway to get my Seven Hugs into bluetooth pairing mode. I then searched for bluetooth devices on one of my Android TV devices, a Phillips 43PSU6401 (which does my have bluetooth LE support). It found the remote and I was able to pair it succesfully. I can confirm all the controls work perfectly. I think for Android TV all you need to do is use the same remote as Fire TV but add Android TV devices to the discovery list (or provide an option to just select "Android TV" to enter pairing mode without requiring discovery). Hope this helps!

      I also have a Nexus Player and ADT-1 dev kit (and will have an ADT-2 eventually if Google ever ships them!). When I get a chance I shall see if it works with those also.

    • Bolu O Sevenhugs  To add to my last comment, obviously I can already control the 43PSU6401 via IR anyway so it will be even more handy with devices like the Nexus Player which lacks IR.

      However, even on devices with IR, being able to do keyboard input over bluetooth is still handy. As is the trackpad, even though the sensitivity seems too high (often even short swipes move two items along).

      This got me thinking, could we get the ability to act as a generic bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse and add those a buttons to any device remote in the (beta) layout editor? That would be perfect for TV's with Android TV built in which have pretty good support via IR already but could do with just the extras over bluetooth LE.

    • ADT-1 lacks BLE so can't find it but the Nexus Player works perfectly. The vast majority of Android TV boxes use Bluetooth LE for their standard remotes so I should imagine other models will work also.

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      • Moboluwaji_Okupe
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      Charlie Callow Great feedback Charlie, which we greatly appreciate. As for your suggestions with the AndroidTV, I will make sure a member of the dev team takes a look at this post as you raised some very interesting points. Thank you for your continued support.

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  • This is the biggest piece to finally bring me down to 1 remote!

    • Shaun Hutchinson Please stay tuned, Q1 2019 will see a lot of integrations, with this possibly being among.

  • Any news here? Maybe a idea to implement. I used a harmony remote before and was able to control a android TV based projector by simply choosing an nvidia shield or fire TV stick as a device from the harmony database. I don't have any of this devices. Here is exactly the issue or missing feature I noticed. The sevenhugs remote is only able to add an fire TV stick or an nvidia shield when the remote recognize one on your network. So if you don't have any of this devices, you're not able to use one of the profiles to add an android TV based device. So why not enabling the possibility to add an shield or fire stick as a profile so the remote can be connected to the Android TV device via Bluetooth. I know that it's working, since I simply ordered a fire TV stick, started the setup on the remote to add an fire TV and simply went to my android TV an added the remote. It's working perfectly. Hope you understand what I mean

    • Alexander Zukunft thanks a lot for sharing this. We are actually currently working and testing internally Android TV integrations, please let me know if you would be willing to beta test it once we release it to our beta community.

      What you are suggesting is also really interesting and this is definitely something that could be feasible with Smart Remote since our BLE integration is not attached to specific devices. This feature is definitely on our roadmap and we'll make sure to keep you updated on this.

  • Anne-Sophie F. you can count me in. i would definitely test the new beta feature.


    thanks for your response, love the work you do. much better remote compared to Logitech´s Harmony regarding the interface and the added featrues. the day you have the same feature set, you´re remote gone be a killer device. dou you guys actually having a harmony device as a reference device regaring features? we all know they are still the only remote on the market which can handle nearly all cases

    • Alexander Zukunft thanks a lot for your feedback, this is precious for us! Could you please fill this form here to enter the beta program? 

      We definitely have a Harmony remote to compare and we know that we still have some features missing compared to the Harmony remote and are working on this to make sure the experience we deliver is the best!

  • in addition. with a harmony remote you can say, ok i want to turn on a fire stick, a xbox, and TV etc. all within one TV scene. what i noticed from the sevenhugs remote, i have to decided which device is the content source. i can not choose different or lets say additional sources. so the remote will only turn on this device as a source. problem here is can not turn on a fire tv stick and a projector, both using bluethooth for the control

    • Alexander Zukunft Sure, we are currently working on adding custom steps for TV Scenes, we'll let you know as soon as this is available!

  • I love being able to control my Android TV box (a Ugoos AM6 Plus) with this remote. 

    However, I have a question. Since this box runs on a full version of Andriod (9.0 Pie) as opposed to a TV version of Android, it is ideally controlled by touch or a mouse. Most of these new boxes come with an "air mouse" which is basically a remote that you can push a button on which will activate the gyroscope, allowing you to control the mouse pointer (much like Samsung Smart TV's have this on their Smart remote). So I would like to know, since the Sevenhugs remote has a gyro, whether it would be possible to control a mouse pointer on an Android device by either holding a button or toggling it. 

    Thank you. 

    • Laurens Swart thanks a lot for sharing your questions here. This is not possible yet but the Sevenhugs team is definitely looking at this and will keep you updated!

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    • Anne-Sophie F. That would be the best feature ever!! 

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  • Bonjour,

    Je tente aujourd'hui de piloter une TV Android XIAOMI Mi TV 4S.

    La télécommande parvient à éteindre la télévision mais pas à l'allumer...

    J'ai un code d'erreur 118 mais il n'est pas lister dans les troubleshooting...

    Comment faire pour que çà fonctionne?

    • Thomas Duf avez-vous mis à jour votre Smart Remote sur la dernière version sortie hier: v0.76.3?

  • Non je suis en 0.75.16, pas de proposition de mise à jour chez moi...

    • Thomas Duf avez-vous regardé dans les settings si votre software est à jour (Settings > software update)

  • Bonjour,

    Le soucis est le même avec la version 0.76.3...

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