The battery life on my remote is so laughable bad. Even if it’s unused, it dies overnight. If I’m using it throughout day, it’s dead by the end of the night. It’s horrible. Having to remember to charge it makes it more of a hassle to use than just my normal remotes. 

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  • Hi  Salvatore Aversa ,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We are aware of this issue and we are actively working on it. We are currently testing ways to increase the battery life, hopefully the next software updates should improve it.
    This is one the most popular request on the support platform, feel free to vote for it and to follow the topic so you get notified when the status is updated.
    Thank you for your patience

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    • Alex T if it turns out it cannot be fixed via a software update, will you consider replacing those of us that were among the first testers to get a remote?

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    • Salvatore Aversa it can be improved with software updates, we are currently testing solutions

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  • I completely agree! This is absolutely embarassing and something needs to be done asap!

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    • Orrin Bocher Indeed we are currently working on various solutions in order to extend the battery life, we should have some updates and solutions very soon.

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  • Agreed. I’m seeing the exact same issue with my unit. Battery drains over night even when not in use. 

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    • Eduardo Rodrigues 

      Smart Remote is a touchscreen universal remote which means it consumes more battery than a classic remote and needs to be charged. We understand that this is not a behavior you are used to and we are constantly working on improvements to extend the battery life.

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    • Bolu O I understand. But my iPhone is also a touchscreen device with wifi, lte, bluetooth, nfc and a ton of backgorund apps and processes running and after 2 yrs os use my battery still lasts at least a full day. It is obvious that there’s a problem here that, hopefully, you will be able to fix or minimize woth software optimizations. 

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    •  Bolu O My man. It dies even when it’s not being used...it’s more of an inconvenience than just a normal remote. 

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  • My post was just to detail a little that our Smart Remote does not work like the typical remote that many are used to (Lack of necessity to recharge & seemingly infinite power supply) however we are aware of the need to work on extending the current battery life and rest assured, we will have fixes for these in our future updates. Thank you all for the feedback.

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    • Bolu O this is not even remotely expected.  My old logitech my harmony remote lasted weeks including use. And it was a touch screen as well. This is a useless brick. I haven’t bothered to use it since the first week.  How this even made it to production is beyond me. 

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      • Sevenhugs
      • Sevenhugs
      • 6 days ago
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      dan koralek  thanks a lot for sharing your feedback. We understand your frustration about this, our team is currently doing its best to improve the battery life of Smart Remote. We'll update you on this in the next few weeks.

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  • same here....absolutely flat after NOT using it overnight.  Basic stuff here...ensure battery lasts at least to what it states in the user guide.  2 days i think???

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