Perform a factory reset of your Smart Remote

You will have to reset your Smart Remote back to Factory Firmware only in the case you need to force an update of Smart Remote’s firmware or a hardware reset has not solved your issue.

  1. Make sure your Charging Base is plug through the power supply.

  2. Do not plug Smart Remote on Charging Base for now.

  3. Turn OFF  the Smart Remote (push with a small pointed object on the back of Smart Remote).

  4. On your charging base, start to press the button behind the USB-C plug. Don't release it, plug then the Smart Remote on the charging Base, and wait until "installing" screen appears (should take around 10 seconds)

  5. Installing will take about 2 to 3 minutes. Please make sure not to unplug Smart Remote during this process

After doing a factory reset you will have to:

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